When advertising your vehicle on popular websites such as Craigslist, you will want to make sure that you perform specific steps so that you can maximize your success rate of selling your used vehicle. The thing about Craigslist is that there are millions of other people that are advertising their cars just like you and you are basically competing against them to see who has the best listing. If you're listing is not shown are not creatively written, then you will have a low sell rate and will waste your time trying to sell vehicles on this free product listing website.

The cars for sale by owner section of Craigslist cars is where you should advertise your vehicle. The first task that you will need to do is to write a concise description of your car. Your purpose of writing a concise listing is to attract users to contact you via e-mail or phone. Make sure that you are specific as possible about your used automobile and try to understand the buyer's perspective of your advertisement. Make sure to include information such as mileage, make, model, overall condition, any defects, gas mileage, and repairs. You can add value to your car by stating whether or not you just added new tires to the car, performed an oil change, or repaired body damage. Buyers really like when owners state that there are new tires on the car, or if some old parts have been replaced by new parts. Buyers will factor all of these considerations when purchasing a car.

If you are not specific, then many buyers will skip your advertisement and go to the next one. Another thing that will attract people is to add pictures to your listing. People love visual displays and they will get a better understanding of their potential purchase if you add a few pictures of your car. Snap a photo of the front, back, and the sides of your cars so that the buyer will get a better impression of what they are going to buy. If you really want to target specific buyers, then list all the defects of the car so that they know exactly what they are getting themselves into when purchasing your car. When pricing your car, try to list the vehicle one thousand above what you actually want because most times, the buyer is going to barter with you and you will have to negotiate. Buyers will have more satisfaction if they feel like they got a discount on your car. However, try to stick around the Bluebook price of the car. You can find the value of the car by searching websites such as Edmunds.com or kbb.com.