Sell My House Privately

How To Sell Your House By Owner

As you probably know, location is subjective and beauty in the eye of the beholder.  However, most buyers will be looking for certain things within an area.
Good schools are always in demand.  Find out how many private and public schools there are, and how near they are to your property, as this can sometimes be a deal clincher for young families.

In fact, it is a great idea to do an inventory of your community’s attractions.  How many parks, tennis courts or other open accessible areas are there?  Do you have any local gyms for the more health conscious buyer?
What entertainment is available?  How many restaurants, cinemas, theaters, concert halls or other cultural activities does your area have?  Are there plenty of activities on offer for all age groups?

Does your area have a strong multi-cultural presence?  This might be an attraction for newly arrived immigrants in search of a house.  The feeling of wanting to feel “at home” is a strong motivator.  Are there meeting places where members of ethnic communities can mingle and share views, cuisine and stores about “back home”?
Does your area have a good supply of dentists and doctors surgeries?

How good are the transportation links in your area? Where is the nearest motorway?  How far is your property from the nearest large city or town?  Is your property near to a train station?  What about local bus routes?
How efficient are your local services?  Does the area have enough firemen, regular rubbish collection systems?  What about facilities for recycling waste material?
The more you know about your community’s services, the better you can capitalize on these selling points.

Always remember, the intelligent buyer is taking a thorough inventory of the community and its services.

So how do you advertise your property?  An obvious starting point is to get a feel of how the adverts are worded by property agents.   

What are the key words and phrases? 

What ads caught your attention? 

Does the ad sound credible? 

Finally, does the ad provide adequate information to provoke interest, or does it leave the reader indifferent? 

With all the market research you have done by this stage, you will be in a strong position to write a bestselling ad which should generate strong interest in your property and make it stand out from the competition.