Staging a Home for Sale

Staged Homes

'I need to sell my house quick!  If this is you then time to take a fearless inventory of your property!  You will need to know its defects and faults.  So grab a pencil and paper and do a tour.  What are the obvious weaknesses that can potentially be spotted by buyers when they visit?  Home staging for a property sale means that you need to go around your property several times to make sure you’ve covered everything.  Sometimes when you have been living in a property for many years you become ‘immune’ to its little imperfections!

You want to discover any defects before your potential buyer does. 

What are your selling points?

Does the property come with a garage? 

Check your front and back gardens.  Are they well-kept or do they look like they’ve been neglected for the last six months?  Is your grass healthy and green and kept cut ready for any viewings?  

When buyers view the inside of a property, they customarily concentrate on making adjustments and will already be looking at how they will make it their own.  To this end they will be planning re-decoration and renovations anyway. However, if they see that the external areas require major attention this could be more of an issue for them and it could either put them off or they will try and knock you down on price.
It may be useful to make a list of major and minor renovations you’ve undertaken in the last five years.  Keep this list handy so that when you give the house tour, you can mention these renovations when you get to the relevant area.

Make sure the entrance door is clean, and if it’s winter time, make sure the snow and ice has been cleared.

Ensure that the entranceway is well lit and that coats and other clothing have been removed prior to viewings.

Pay attention to bathrooms and the kitchen.  Both should have good lighting, squeaky clean taps, and be as up to date as possible in terms of décor.

Stage the bathroom with fresh towels and make sure it is clean and smells wonderful.

Does the property need re-wiring?  How old is the electrical system?  Even if it is ok it may be wise to invest in some new lights and good quality lamps.

Try not to overlook old plates on light switches.  If they look lifeless, damaged or worn, replace them to liven up the rooms. 

Have you considered updating the internal doors in your property?  Does your house have doors that sag, don’t close properly, squeak or have a knob missing?  At the very least you can change the door furniture to refresh their look.

Re-decorating?  Always try to go for neutral shades and designs.  If you ignore this advice, at least make sure that whatever you put on, the buyers can take off easily / change should they decide to do so. 

So now instead of worrying and running around saying 'I need to sell my house quick!' you know that there are many small things you can do to improve the chances of selling your property and home staging is a key ingredient in this process.