Do you have an interest or a hobby and are interested in making some cash online that does not involve an auction? Then joining private Facebook groups is one way for you to earn some extra money without paying fees and listing charges.

I discovered this way of earning money online when I had some old Girl Scout badges to sell that I bought for my daughter. These are discontinued and hard to find, so I first went the eBay to sell them, as some made a good return on my investment. I sold a few, but still had quite a bit on hand. I did a search about discontinued Girl Scout badges, and it led me to a forum post about them, which led me to finding a discontinued badge selling  private group. I was able to join and sold these badges for more than I paid for them. I was paid by money order or Paypal, and nothing was shipped until I was paid.

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This is an easy way to earn money online and not write a single word-other than in your post!

What I Have Learned Selling on Private Facebook Groups

Check in Every Day

While I am no fan of Facebook, I do have a separate business profile that I use where I am friends with no one. It used exclusively for my couponing groups, sales groups and selling groups.

If you work in a retail shop, you wouldn't ignore your store. The same theory needs to apply when selling in Facebook groups. Remember that people "expect" you to check in if you are selling, so unless there is a tragedy preventing you from doing so, check your items first thing in the morning to see if you sold to someone overnight. It is also a good idea to check your listings in the evening as well.

Stay on Top of Your Inventory

While a group may have a few hundred or thousand members, they all are not reading and following each and every day. In fact, many people join to find a few coveted items, buy them, and then disappear.

If you sell some items, either remove the photo or update your quantities if you have multiples. It is annoying for someone looking for five of an item (which is what you have listed), only to find that you really only have three because you sold two a few weeks earlier. They may not trust your other listings in the future. And if you do not check in every day, you may miss a comment made about you.

When you update your inventory list, make a post about having done that. The page administrators who monitor the group delete old albums and photos to make room for the new and updated. Just this month a group admin deleted pages of photo albums if you did not respond to her message by telling her you updated your inventory.

If Cross Posted, Say So

I am a member of five retired Girl Scout badge groups. It makes sense to do so because many leaders are not aware of all the groups that sell these hard to find items. You need to tell people that these are posted across several groups. This may inspire them to buy the item now, since at any moment, another person can claim the coveted Try It or Interest Project badge!

Remember that if you cross post, you need to update all of the quantities on each page you are selling your wares.


Stay Involved With the Group if You Want Continual Sales

I have noticed that when I do not check in on a regular basis, other people may be looking for things I have in stock, but they did not know where to look to find it because they were new to the group and saw someone else's post on the same item before they saw yours. 

Make an occasional comment in the group, but please, no spam or negativity. People might look for what you have for sale when they see your name and profile picture. New eyes to the group might just buy something...I have three sales pending right now because I updated yesterday AND made a comment when someone was searching for an item.

More Useful Tips

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Delete and Repost The Items for Sale

Maybe you have stayed on top of your inventory, but it is just sitting there unsold. Unlike writing online, where longevity helps you climb in the eyes of Google, this is not the case with private selling groups on Facebook. Your album of photos or single pictures gets buried deeper and deeper if the admins are not regularly monitoring and purging the page.

You can delete your old items and create a new album of what you have available. You can even change the background so it looks newer and fresher. Now it is sitting on the top of the group instead of languishing at the bottom.

Report Shady Business to the Admins

Yes, even in the world of Girl Scouts, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage and do not follow the Girl Scout Way. They sell something, collect your money, and then you do not receive the item you ordered.

Instead of posting horrible and potentially libelous things about the seller, private message the admin. You may not be the first person to tell her. She or he can then write a post about missing items and have you respond. Admins are not responsible when these things happen, but the person in charge can let others know to avoid this seller.

Selling on Other Places as Well

In addition to Facebook, this book will also help you sell items on other platforms.

Follow the Group Rules

When you ask to join a group, you will find one "Sticky" post at the top of the page. This post explains all the group rules you need to follow. Every group is different and just like reading the Terms of Service on a writing site, what is fine for one may not be allowed on another. For example, in one badge group, it is perfectly acceptable to place all of your badges on one sheet of paper and list the quantities you have of each. Easy-one photo tells it all!

On another group where I belong, this is forbidden. You need to create an album of what you have for sale, how much you are selling it for and what the postage will be.

Most admins will let you know if you are doing it wrong and give you a chance to fix it. But don't do it again or you will be banished from the group and your potential source of income!

Deliver the Goods On Time

This should go without saying, but if you sell an item, mail it out promptly. If you know your schedule is packed, let the sender know the date you will be shipping the item out. Do not let it sit for more than a day or two after payment has been made. People expect that if you are selling, you are also delivering.

Selling on private Facebook groups can be very lucrative to your bottom line if you have found a niche that works for you.