A comfortable home office is a place where you can spend hours working and even entertain clients. This can be an area that you actually want to spend time in instead of a room that you dread entering. Stores like Quill and OfficeMax have office products to help you set up a comfortable home office.

Don't Scrimp on Your Chair

The office chair is where you're going to spend most of your time so avoid uncomfortable versions, even if it's a bargain. You can get upholstered side chairs that will still fit underneath your desk. If you want a classic rolling office chair, then switch up the fabric to a luxurious leather or mesh. A higher back can give you more support. This is more expensive in the short term, but it can allow you to work for longer periods of time.

Branch out in Your Furniture Selections

Office furniture includes a lot more than just a desk and a chair. If you have a larger room then add in a small sofa or loveseat. This is a comfortable seating area for visitors and is also a place where you can return phone calls.

You'll want to give yourself all of the workspace possible. You can have a desk built directly against the wall that wraps around the room. It can even have a hutch or bookcase on top of it. Since this is such a dramatic element, paint it a light color so it doesn't dominate a small room.

You can also skip the desk altogether and go with a table. This could be a dining room table or a console table depending on the shape and size of your space. You can get a larger work surface for less money this way. It also opens up a lot of different design options and wood tones that you may not be able to find in traditional office furniture.

Organize and Get Ride of Clutter

Organization is key to creating a warm office environment. You can get a series of armoires with doors to hide away stacks of paper. Consider built-in bookshelves. Custom shelves are more expensive, but it also gives you the maximum amount of storage space because it can go from floor to ceiling. You can also hang up magazine racks or file folders on the walls for extra paper storage.

Hide away Unrelated Items

If your home office also serves as a gym or guest bedroom, then streamline the space. You can hide a treadmill behind a screen or partition. Look for a guest bed that can turn into a futon or a Murphy bed that you can fold up. Defining the purpose of the space gives you more work area and cuts down on clutter. You can still retain all of the function.

Create a Sense of Flow

Decor is another aspect that will turn a cold room into a haven. You can carry the paint colors from the rest of your home right into the work space. This allows you to bring in palettes that you're already comfortable with.