Each day across the U.S. a number of different businesses, nonprofit organization and other groups are hosting seminars and educational programs for their members or individuals from the general public. These seminars aim to educate and motivate people to take a specific action. While it's the responsibility of the business or organization to create the seminar or event, marketing it is often a task given to a public relations or promotions company. To take on the marketing and advertising tasks associated with these gatherings, it's important to learn how to start a seminar promotions company.

Develop a business plan. Write out a business plan that details the different aspects of your seminar promotions company. Include information on the goals and timeline you have for your business as well as how much money you'll need to start and maintain the business until it can make a profit. Asses the strengths and weaknesses facing your business and determine how you'll capitalize on them or minimize them to make your business a success.

Seek out financing. Use the information from your business plan to determine how much start-up funding you need to start your seminar promotions company. Visit with a loan officer at a bank or credit union in your community to learn if you can qualify for a business loan for the amount you need based on your current credit score. Learn about the rates and repayment terms of the loans, and compare them to guaranteed and low-interest rate loans offered specifically for small businesses through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Register your business. Find out what the sales tax regulations and requirements are in your state and local area by contacting the department of revenue for your state as well as your city or county. Complete the forms to register your business with the revenue department if you are required to collect and pay sales tax on the services you provide. Ensure that you are compliant with local regulations by obtaining a city business license at your local city hall. Register with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an employer identification number (EIN) to use to identify your seminar promotions business on legal documents and tax forms.

Set the specifics. Determine if you specialize in promoting a specific type of seminars such as those for healthcare or business. Decide what rates you'll charge to promote seminars based on your time and expenses. Meet with a lawyer to draft a standard contract you can modify for each client that entails what promotional work you'll do as well as what responsibilities the client has.

Network. Obtain clients by networking with public speakers, business leaders, politicians, researchers and other people who host seminars to discuss current events and information. Educate them about your business and encourage them to contact you if they need promotional services for their upcoming seminars. When working with clients to promote a seminar, provide exactly what they need with excellent customer service since they are likely to hold more seminars as well as promote your services to their colleagues through word of mouth.