Body Language During a Job interview

Your body language speaks much more about you than your mere words. This is something dead true so; don’t let your body language betray you in front of your interviewers. It is vital that you reach the venue for the job interview on time and if possible before time. Don’t be late as it mars your impression no matter how confident you look or how well you are prepared for the interview.

You may be under the impression that just being a know-it-all in the interview will get the job done for you but, that doesn’t mean it will be sufficient to cover up the hints that are given out by your own body language. Even before you start speaking your body language gives enough impression on what kind of a person you are.

Practically your body language gives away everything that your interviewer wants to know. Like, whether you are a chatter-box or a quiet person, someone extrovert or introvert and, whether you are being truthful about whatever you are saying. It also suggests whether you will take your job seriously and work with devotion. Body language shows whether you become nervous or take stress quite easily or confident and never at a loss about what to do in difficult situations. During the interview, the interviewer may ask a number of questions but, more stress is given on not what you are saying but, rather how you are saying. So, in such cases your selection of words becomes essential.

Normally what happens is that, you report at the reception and they offer you to take a seat and after sometime a person leads you to the interview area. Don’t jump up to shake hands with the interviewer. Let him take the initiative. Shake hands firmly, confidently and look straight at that person. If choosing a seat is left up to you than, choose a seat from where all the interviewers can get a glimpse of you.

Sit in a posture that stresses that you are confident and at the same time helps you to relax. Your facial expression must suggest that you are at ease and wear that interested expression throughout your interview. For example, if a person asks you a question then turn a little towards that person and lean your head a little from your straight posture to show that you are interested. Don’t hang sideways or sit at the edge of the chair as it gives all the wrong impressions like you are not interested in the job or you are too much tensed or uncomfortable. So, sit straight almost occupying the space that your chair offers. No need to sit in the same posture throughout the interview. You can definitely change your posture but don’t do it too frequently. During a tense situation, we usually fold our hands around our body but, during an interview avoid this and let your hands recline on your lap loosely or rest them on the armrests of the chair. Play it calm and avoid engaging your legs or figures in meaningless activities and movements.

When someone asks you a question keep on looking towards that person to show you are listening and nod at times to encourage him to carry on; but, while answering let your gaze meet every interviewer present and particularly on the person who posed the question when you are communicating an important fact. While leaving thank them as if it was a pleasure talking to them and, then leave gently without making much noise.

It is a tense situation for you but the trick is in how you cover up your nervousness and flaunt your confidence and eagerness through your body language.

Job interview tips

Job interview tips - Job interview questions and answers

Face the interview confidently


One may be having a lot of degrees and certificates in his bag but if he is not possessing the quality of confidence in his character he is surely missing out on the probability of getting the job. An interview is the first interaction of an aspiring employee with an expecting employer who expects commitment, punctuality and discipline from the person he is hiring. The employer does not know much about the person sitting in front of him and facing the interview. The only virtue besides the qualifications by which he is going to judge the candidate is his confidence. Confidence is like a bridge between the interviewer and the person being interviewed. It is something that is not inherited but is acquired through the experiences of life. An interview faced with confidence is a sure way of getting success in getting the desired job. Confidence and success go hand in hand. A few things which should be kept in mind before going for one’s dream job are as follows:

  • 1. A well prepared candidate is a front-runner for the job offered and will always be ahead of his numerous counterparts. Optimum preparations are a confidence booster for the candidate. One should be thorough with the company profile before going for the interview. He should know even the minute details about the history and future plans of the company. One’s confident replies would reflect his knowledge and would strengthen his chances of getting through.
  • 2. The next thing that takes confidence to a new height is the way of speaking. There are minimum chances of rejection if one has good command over his language and his speech is clear. The perfection in the speech is reflection of the confidence. So, one must pay attention to what one speaks and also how he or she speaks!
  • 3. The way one presents himself in front of the interview board is of immense importance for his confidence. A confident entry with formal clothes on is a perfect way of impressing the interview board. One should be polite, warm and should make eye contact while answering the interviewer. A gentle smile would be an icing on the cake.
  • 4. One should try to keep his nervousness aside before going for the interview. Nervousness is just the opposite of confidence and carrying it would lead to opposite result. It never allows confidence to overcome once it develops inside human beings.
  • 5. Organizing your materialistic things such as certificates, degrees and proofs of achievements along with your abstract things such as your emotions is another way of showing your confidence before the interview board. Going through the folder in front of the interviewer and searching something is never acceptable.

Thus one should feel nothing but confident with a lot of positive vibes while facing an interview. Being confident in the interview room and there is no chance of one being denied for the job offered.


Face the Interview Calmly

Entering the interview room is like facing the death squad who are there to execute you. One forgets everything whatever he or she prepared to face it. The eyes of the interviewer, however calm they be, do not put any comfort in the interviewee. The candidate tries to behave calmly but mere idea of being interviewed has it own fears.

But it does not mean that interviews are being held there to pose threats to somebody, but these are only intended to take out the best out of the person being interviewed and it helps to look into his or her capacities as to whether he or she is capable of doing the job offered by the company .And this is not bad as it ignites your passion to pick up the mantle and give your best. This is only perception which helps the concerning person to look the things from different point of views and take the things as it comes to them. This way, he will be successful in facing all the challenges which comes in his life.

The foremost thing is the STRESS which makes the interviewee to behave timidly. First of all, he or she should tackle this problem as only for that, the interviewee could not do his or her best. During interviews, sometimes, deliberately, some questions were asked to create the stress on the interviewee to check how he or she is able to handle such type of the situations. In these situations, the questions are asked to observe your behaviour. So it is important to remain calm and cool whatever the situation may be and try to show your confidence by keeping eye to eye contact with them and then answer to what is asked with a perfect gesture. As far as the answers to such stress relating questions are concerned, it should not be very straight as a little mistake will draw the ending line to everything so a very cautious approach is required here. These types of the questions are generally ambiguous as if to fathom your depth how successfully you could take yourself out of this situation without showing your shortcomings. For example if asked about your weakness, you should slightly avoid the direct answer and instead, reply the way that your qualities are such that sometimes their excessiveness turns them into your weakness. This way you successfully avoid the trap and come out with flying colours. The topping may be if you ask a reflexive question after finishing your answer such as if what he thinks about it. Certainly it shows your level of confidence and your natural and friendly behavior.

In a nutshell , don’t get panicky by hearing about an interview and stay calm and cool and think that everything is not at stake. The world is not coming to end!

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