The sad truth is that many newsletters just don't get read. That's because most newsletters just aren't very good. This article will give you very simple easy to follow tips to improve your newsletter writing. Then, hopefully, your newsletter will not be one of the ones that go straight to the trash.

1. Choose a Valid Topic

Don't just start writing. Take some time and figure out what your readers want to know about. They have opted to receive your newsletter for a reason. I can tell you with all certainty that they want to know more about whatever your website or blog is about. If you start sending them a bunch of mailings about completely different subjects, you will not get read, your links will not get followed (at least not near as often) and your newsletter will not be a success.

2. Make it Good

Try to find something new and exciting in your niche. Make sure that your readers now that every time they get your newsletter, something is inside that they need to see right now. If they start to get bored, they will just stop reading.

If you are having trouble coming up with something, check forums, ezines or websites in your niche. Find out what people are talking about. You should be able to get some content to write about. It is also a good way to keep track of and stay ahead of your competition.

3. Be Professional

That doesn't mean that you can't have fun with it, but it shouldn't be full of grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes. No special writing skills are required, but a good basic understanding of article writing will help. Just keep it simple and to the point. Your readers want information, that's it.

Another point on professionalism is to be on time. Make a schedule for your publication and stick to it. It is impossible to take your newsletter seriously if you do not have a regular schedule, let it be known, and stick to it.

4. Show Some Personality

While you must keep rule 3 in mind and keep it professional, it's still good to show some style and personality. In fact, it's a must. Your readers really need to be excited every time your publication arrives. Show them the same personality in every issue you send to give them something to latch on to.

5. Don't be a Salesman

Your readers do not want to be sold something every time they get your newsletter. You will lose subscribers fast if they get a sales pitch with every publication. I'm not saying you should never sell anything, just not very often. I wouldn't do it more than once in five or six publications and it must be relevant to the information you are providing. As I said before, your readers are after information. That should be your first priority in your newsletter writing.

It's not rocket science, but it also is not done very well most of the time. If you just stick to these rules and work on some basic writing skills, you will have a successful newsletter in no time.