Tip for Training a New Manager
Credit: http://www.projectsguru.co.uk/training.htm

Training a new manager for one of your physical store locations can be quite stressful. You are training this person to take over some of your responsibilities, and you want to trust his or her capabilities. But you may be experiencing difficulties in trusting right off the bat. You may find that before you can put your professional trust in your new manager, you need to spend more time with him or her. And that usually comes in the form of providing relevant training.

So, how do you begin training your new manager? Well, it is easier than you might think. Before you begin actually training one on one, you need to get organized. First, list out the duties, responsibilities, and tasks that you want your new manager to take over. Detail the specifics of each job, so you can go right into it when the time comes and it is to make sure that you do not forget anything of importance. Once you have created your training schedule, you are ready to get started.

As you begin training, be aware of your new manager’s rate of learning and comprehension. If he or she is struggling understanding a concept or task, keep going over it. You do not want to move ahead until the foundations are learned first. If you do, you run the risk of him or her easily forgetting what you have taught. So, cement it in his or her mind through repetition. While repetition is essential, so is hands on learning for some people. Some people can’t learn just by watching. They need to get their hands dirty, in a sense. They need to test it out and then questions will come up that you can answer as the two of you move forward.

Remember; it is important to train your new manager on all software as soon as possible. This will make for an easier and seamless transition. If you have an inventory system or need reports generated a certain way, make sure your needs are perfectly clear. Again, let him or her play around with it for a little while so they first feel comfortable and then they can get the details and the procedures down easily.

It should not take long for both you and your new manager to feel comfortable with everyday duties. And once you reach that comfort level, think of how much time you will have to focus on other, perhaps more important, tasks you have on your to do list. Delegation of vital and essential duties can relieve some stress, too.