Layering is an economical fashion trend. You can get a new look everyday depending on how many pieces you decide to wear. You can also wear the same clothing articles for summer and winter. Look at stores like Buckle and American Eagle Outfitters for layering pieces.

Vary the Length and Fabric

Layering is great if you are concerned about modesty. A camisole has a high neck and is long. Then, you can pair almost any blouse over it, even if it has a deep v-neck. Keep this fashion forward by mixing up the fabrics. You could get a lace or burnout long sleeve tee to wear underneath. This isn't going to add as much bulk as several knit fabrics together.

You can still wear cropped shirts no matter your age. Just use a camisole underneath to get this fashion forward silhouette. Then, complete the outfit for winter with another jacket over it. Traditionally layering would just use two or three pieces, but now you can try out all different combinations.

Mix in Vests

Vests can work for summer or winter. It's also a way to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe. When you wear a lot of texture, keep the rest of the outfit simple by using plain tees or sweaters underneath. Another popular vest is the flyaway style. This features a knit fabric and doesn't have a closure. Then, you can pile jewelry and belts on top to define your shape.

Play with Neutrals

When you mix and match a lot of pieces together, it's an opportunity to experiment with color. You'll want your staple items such as jackets and vests to be in neutral colors such as gray or taupe. Then, you can wear the pieces with a lot of different outfits. Bring in trendy teals and corals on inexpensive camisoles and tank tops.

Look for Light Weight Fabrics

Be careful with your selections so the layering process doesn't make you look bigger. You can still get warmth from several lightweight fabrics. Knits on top of each other give a casual look. Transition your t-shirts into fall with a long sleeve tee underneath. Continue the same fabric onto your accessories with your handbag. You may even be able to find a knit scarf. Knit material is easy to clean and care for.

Keep It Sleek

You don't want a layered look to be too wild so balance is important. Keep the bottom half of your outfit basic. You can achieve this with skinny jeans or leggings. For a dressier look that's still fun, try leggings, skirts and several t-shirts altogether. You can even wear a simple sundress over a long t-shirt for more of a tunic style.

Go with a Faux Look

You can get the layered look without having to match everything yourself. Find basic wool jackets with a knit hood attached. This style can work for men or women. You can also just get the same look with long sleeved tees. Oftentimes there will just be extra fabric in the openings instead of just a dual fabric throughout. This reduces bulk, but then you can't mix and match the pieces.