You may never have had to choose what to wear gray with. This color may be missing entirely from your wardrobe. When you go shopping you probably don't think "I want to buy gray." Kim Novak even insisted in the movie Vertigo that she wouldn't wear the gray suit that became the signature of the movie. However, Alfred Hitchcock wouldn't bend on it, probably because he thought it made such a striking contrast with her platinum blond hair. Gray is making a comeback in fashion. Here is how to know what to wear gray with without looking or feeling blah.

If you decide to wear gray from head to toe it can start feeling a little depressing. Look for a pattern or texture for a feeling of richness or to give the clothing item a sense of interest. Pick a sweater in a harlequin pattern. Find a vintage gray plaid coat. It will still be conservative enough to wear everyday, but adds a little something special to your wardrobe.

Dress like a black & white movie. If you look at old films at first glance it may just seem like everyone is wearing black, white or gray. However, there are dozens of different tones of gray that really add interest to the entire look, even if it is monochromatic. Gray can herald back to the era of old Hollywood. If you have a formal event, go with a vintage gray or silver dress. This way you'll blend in with the crowd of black dresses. You'll still stand out without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Brighten it up. Since gray is a dull color it can be tempting to pair it with other dull colors. Some of the hottest color combinations both in fashion & decorating are peach & gray or yellow with gray. This is an unexpected color palette that will have people giving you a second look for all of the right reasons.

Treat it as a neutral. You can wear gray with almost anything when you get used to the idea. Pair gray with turquoise or burgundy for a sophisticated & age appropriate look. Buy a few staple pieces in gray like a classic wool coat or a dark charcoal pair of slacks. This way, you will get a lot of wear out of your clothes, even though it seems like you have a new outfit everyday.

Bring it into the office. You may have restrictions as to what you can wear to work. It might seem like everyone is just wearing black all the time. Switching to gray can be a welcome change that will still work with your existing wardrobe. Pair it with a dull purple or champagne to stay within the confines of your dress code while still showing your personality.

Raid Barbie's wardrobe. One of Barbie's classic color combinations is pink & gray. This balances the masculine & feminine elements without being too frilly. Turn the gray color metallic. If you are still wary of what to pair gray with, think of it as silver. Look at your favorite gemstone & silver jewelry & then recreate that color palette. If all else fails, a pewter colored bag can add glitz to any outfit.