How to Wake up Early in the Morning


There are many reasons for wanting to get up early. Some people want to get up early to start an exercise routine or wake up early to get some work done around the house before heading off to work, for me I realized that I feel happier when I get up early in the morning no matter how I spend the time. I used to hit snooze 5 or 6 times before getting out of bed at the last minute and then rushing around trying to avoid being late for work. If you need help waking up early, here are some tips to help you get in the routine of getting up early.

Classic Alarm clock
Don’t Snooze
Comparable to what your half-awake brain thinks, snooze sleep is not good sleep. Don’t do it. Ever. And don’t allow your self to do it. Here’s how:

Put your Alarm on the other side of the Room
Set yourself up to succeed. You already know you need help waking up early. Don’t rely on your half-awake brain to make the right decision. It will trick you every time. Putting you alarm across the room forces you to get up out of bed and walk which makes sure you are awake.

Put a glass of water next to your alarm
Sleeping dehydrates you. Drinking water after you get out of bed helps your body and brain wake up.
Cup of Coffee(51548)
Use an automatic coffee maker (if you drink coffee)
The less you have to do in the morning the better. Knowing fresh coffee is waiting for you can help you meet your day.

Plan something that you like to do for the morning
While you develop the routine of waking up early, plan to do something that you enjoy with your new morning hours. If you hate doing laundry more than anything else, don’t think that you are going to spring out of bed early ready to fold laundry tomorrow morning. At least while you are cultivating the wake up early routine, do something that you enjoy after you wake up early so that you look forward to that time. It could be having a cup of coffee while reading the paper or walking your dog or playing with your kids or playing video games, whatever motivates you.

Wake up early at the same time every morning
You are developing a routine. You need to practice so that your body's internal clock tunes in to your new routine. You will have more success if you pick a time and stick to it. This means weekends too. If it helps, come up with your average wake up time now then incrementally wake up earlier. Try waking up 15 minutes earlier for 2 weeks, then wake up another 15 minutes earlier for two weeks, etc.

Go to sleep when you are tired
Sometimes this will mean going to bed earlier than you have been, sometimes this will mean going to bed at the same time. You don’t need the same amount of sleep each night. Therefore, you don’t need a set bed time. You do need a set bed time range. When you feel tired in this range, go to bed.

Try some of these tips to wake up early and hopefully you will build a new routine.Good luck. If you have other tips for waking up early please share them in a comment below.

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