This goes for the ladies who, until now, are still in search for their dream guy. Always remember that there is no such thing as perfect boyfriend, but surely there is someone who will love you the way you deserve to be. The following are just some pointers for women out there who are searching for a potential boyfriend.

Loosen up. Some women are just so concentrated to their career that they need to loosen up and explore the other world outside of work.  Most women nowadays are so career-oriented that they do not have time anymore to socialize personally. Although guys want smart and confident women, they also tend to get intimidated if the lady just keeps on talking about work, corporate problems, and other serious topics that are reserved only for libraries. It is all right to relax, crack jokes, laugh loud, dance, and just have fun. Although guys get attracted to smart and confident women, they also more interested to the adventurous and wilder side of you.

Do not appear too eager to have a boyfriend. Although how you badly want to have now a boyfriend, do not show your “eagerness.” Men love the chase; they get challenge in doing it. It is part of the men’s genes to feel such. The more they feel challenged, the more they want to pursue the woman. In other words, do not be too open nor close – just average.  Guys find women who appear to be so eager to have a boyfriend as desperate. We want the guy to have you not because of pity, but due to the fact that he truly likes you.

Take efforts to look good. Guys notice women at first look, so better make sure that you look at your best when going out from your house. It does not mean that you have to wear designer clothes and put on much make-up. What is important here is that you do not look ordinary. Some women have the tendency not to care how they look – e.g. messy hair, rugged skin, outdated fashion, etc. It is important that women put efforts in making themselves beautiful and attractive. With the good looks then, couple this now with personality and confidence. Many guys will notice you and, who knows, one of them might become your boyfriend.

Get out and socialize. How can you get a boyfriend if you just stay at home or you spend all your time at the office. You need to get out and meet new people. Go out on dates (or group dates perhaps). In this way, you do not just expose yourself to the “market” but also you allow yourself to have fun and just enyoy life.