Using many of the same rules for Sudoku, a popular number game, Wordoku is a great online word puzzle for adults of all ages.  The only difference between Sudoku and Wordoku is that Wordoku uses random letters instead of numbers 1-9.

Wordoku Lite for Iphone or Ipad is the newest Wordoku game to hit the market.  Using a three by three gird, each spot must be filled using a letter than is involved in the puzzle.

And using many of the same techniques as Sudoku  solving a Wordoku puzzle can be fun and easy making it your new word game! 


Wordoku Lite

Become Familiar With Letters

If you are an experience Sudoku player, Wordoku will be a great challenge.  Some users find assigning each letter a number which allows them to continue the speed and accuracy which they played Sudoku.

Each Wordoku game uses different letters making become familiar with the letters more of a challenge. Beginner Wordoku may use letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I while advanced games may use W,J,F,T,S,E,B,D,K.


Unfinished Wordoku

Find the Oblivious

In many puzzles, there are still solutions that are easy to find.  Go through each line both horizontal and vertical along with going through each box.

By find simple solutions, it will be easier and quicker later in the game to finish the puzzle.  Some users will pick a letter to find the solution each row until there are no easy solutions.


Solve the Most Complete Part Of The Puzzle

You think it would make most sense to continue to work on the most difficult part of the puzzle, but with Wordoku that is not the case.  Find the row, column or square that has the most letters already completed. 

Those solutions will be the easiest to find by process of elimination.   Use a pencil or the guess feature of a game (which allows you to put multiple small numbers in each box) as a way to note any possible solutions.


Do Not Guess

No matter what happens in the puzzle, do not guess.  Guessing leads to lots of wasted time.  If you feel the need to guess move on and find other letters that might help you later.  One wrong letter could change your entire solution and you may not find the mistake until the end of the game.

It will also help to take a time away from the puzzle to clear your head and get a new perspective of the puzzle.  Do not get too frustrated if you cannot find the solution right away.