A lot of people are interested in writing a book. Here are some tips to help make the task go smoother, more efficiently, and to help you succeed with writing your first book.

Initial Story Line

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Regardless of whether you are writing a novel or a how-to book a book layout can work wonders. Layout the chapters of your book. Start off by writing down the general plot of your book and then go back and fill in a few more details. At this point you are basically jotting down how your book will be, the middle of the story, and how it will end.

Once you have all of this written down the hard work is done. Seriously, the only thing you need to do now is to go in a fill in some details as the major plot or chapter of your book have already been written down.

The initial story line that you lay down will be the lifeblood of your new book and everything will be based around that. If you initial story line is weak then your book will be weak. You need a strong plot for your fiction novels with good characters or your book will be a failure.

Write Daily

Dog(121456)Many people have goals and aspirations to be a writer; however unless you actually write worlds down you will never become a writer. You need to spend time each day writing. Once you have your story line laid out there is no need to have “Writers block” because you already have the entire book planned, you simply need to write in the stuff that happens in between the beginning of the story, the middle, and the ending of the story.

Some people are only able to write for 20 minutes a day. If that is all you can handle then so be it. As long as you are advancing towards your goal of finishing your book you are ok; however the more time you can spend writing then the sooner you can get the boo done and the more successful you will be at it. If you can write 8 solid hours a day and do it every day consistently then you will have a lot more success. Most people vary the time they write each day such as they ,au only write 20 minutes one day and then the following day they “get on a roll” or “in a zone” and are able to write for 3-4 hours or more. As long as you are writing each day you will be fine, but the more you can write each day the better. You need to make writing your book part of your daily habit.

No Spell Check

When you are writing your initial draft of your book it is vital that you do not spell check and grammar check your writing. Spell checking will slow you down. Your goal at this point is to simply write as much as you can and get your book completed. Once you have written the entire book then you can go back and spell check the book, check the grammar, and adjust the layout and font if needed.


What do the best writers in History all have in common? They all like to read. Reading is vital to being a good author and you should budget some time into your schedule to read each day. What you read and write about is not important as long as you are doing both. You may be working on writing a romantic fiction novel and then before bed you may be reading a book such as the History of World War II. Just because you are writing a certain genre of book does not mean that you need to read the same also. You need to read what you like to read and write about what you like to write about.

Have Fun

Most successful writers enjoy writing. That does not mean that you will always be enjoying what you are doing because there will be book writing tasks you may hate such as rewriting portions of your book; however overall you should enjoy writing. If you dream of being a writer yet you truly hate writing then you have a huge dilemma and will probably fail as a writer.

You Can Do It

One of the things that holds a lot of potential writers back is assuming that they do not have the skills necessary to write a book. All the skills you need can be learned, but you might be surprised at how much you do know. Build up your confidence by simply writing your book. You will learn a lot by simply writing each day, even if you are not working on your book.

Many people who led seemingly unassuming lives went on to become successful writers and so can you. It does not matter what your current life system is because you can succeed as a writer regardless of what you may think. As long as you can read and type then you CAN become a writer. The more you do it then the more you will get better at it. Writing is a skill and anybody can learn the skill, but unlike welding writing does not need to have any special education to get going on it.

Take a Break

Although earlier in this article I told you to make sure you write consistently everyday to make writing a habit, there can be times when it is better to simply take a break and not force it. Sometimes you simply cannot get going on your writing that day or are preoccupied with other more pressing thoughts. Whatever the reason is sometimes it is good to shut your laptop down and take the dog for a walk. You may even find that relocating to a new location such as going to a cabin for the weekend will help stimulate your mind so that you can write better and get back in the groove of things.