Planning a wedding can be fun and stressful at the same time, but especially if you are planning a wedding on an off-peak day. The average American wedding costs $25,000 and although most weddings are held on Saturdays more and more couples are finding a Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday much more manageable financially.

Planning a wedding on an off-peak day does not carry the stigma that it once did as being frugal and economical are the new fad; and when planning a wedding, it is definitely a fad worth rolling with! The extra money saved on the wedding can be put towards a romantic honeymoon or even a down payment on a house, so don't feel bad about pinching a few pennies. Your wedding guests are there to enjoy the celebration of marriage, not to tally up costs in their heads.

Here are some tips for planning a Friday wedding to help your special day goes smoothly.

Consider your close family and friends.
If you are truly concerned about having a Friday wedding, then speak to your close family and friends before booking the wedding venue. Make sure that everyone you want to be there will be able to make it. Regardless, those close to you will likely do whatever they need to do in order to be present at your Friday wedding.

Consider the ceremony and reception times.
If you are planning a Friday wedding, then consider having it later in the evening. By having the ceremony and reception later those guests who might have to work may still be able to make it without taking too much time off. If you can, planning a sunset wedding would be a beautiful treat for your guests. Speak to your wedding coordinator or wedding venue manager about the sunsets for the time of year when you are planning the Friday Wedding.

Send out Save-the-Dates ASAP.
By sending out your Save-the-Dates as soon as possible, you will be giving all your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements or coordinate with their employers about getting time off, especially if you are having a short engagement. With enough time many of your guests should have no trouble coordinating their schedule.

Set up a wedding website early.
Once you have the wedding venue booked, consider setting up a wedding website so that out-of-towners will be able to locate hotels, transportation modes, and other details if they are planning to make it to your big day.

Get any and all discounts.
Money is tight, especially when planning a wedding. A lot of wedding vendors offer off-peak specials, so talk to your DJ, bakers, caterers, and anyone else you are using and ask them for a Friday wedding discount because every little bit helps!

Consider a day-after brunch.
If you think that only a few guests will be able to make it to your Friday wedding, then consider hosting a casual brunch the next day. This could be a nice time for your guests to wind down and for others who couldn't make it the night before to come and bask in the afterglow of your wedding.