A contemporary master bedroom can solve a lot of the problems in your space. You might live in an older home but you still want the feeling of a master suite. In some cases your bedroom might not be a whole lot bigger or grander than the guest bedroom. A contemporary design can give you more of the feeling of a master suite or just decorate a larger room with a designed style. It's a pretty simplistic way to decorate so it will save you money and both you and your spouse will be able to agree on it.

Bring in natural elements. Contemporary master bedrooms are very simple. At first you might look at the platform beds and plain dressers and feel like it just seems like a dorm room. This is why it's so important to really incorporate it into an overall design style. You want to add subtle texture and elegance with natural elements. You could use reed shades on the windows or bamboo on the floor. You could even install faux rock around any pillars in your room or make an entire headboard effect out of grass cloth wallpaper. This will blend in with all of the neutrals in your room but also give the feeling that you actually decorated.

Use romantic lighting. Lighting is a trademark in contemporary master bedrooms. All of the furniture is really simple so there is usually lighting around it to add a special element and really show it off. You might even want to have lights installed around your tray ceiling or even turn your headboard into more of a light box effect. This will make your room almost feel like an art gallery with your everyday pieces having all the importance of a sculpture.

Choose a soothing color palette. This is perfect for a master bedroom. You don't want the paint to just be boring, but it also needs to be a relaxing and calming space. Soothing colors range from blues, greens, purples, grays, browns, taupes and white. You can always bring in a bright and trendy color like turquoise on the bedding. However, a calming wall color gives your entire space continuity and will make small rooms have more of a master bedroom effect. This way the focus is on the furniture and architectural features instead of a bold wall color. It also makes your design seem a lot more effortless instead of like you are trying to force a loud color on the walls.

Add in an element of luxury. This is important so your room doesn't feel plain. Whatever accessories you choose should stick with the mantra of simplicity; but this doesn't mean that they still can't be special. There aren't a lot of accessories in these rooms so what you do choose should have a purpose but also make a big impact. You might want to install an oversized chandelier. This could be made out of mirrors or paper. Large drum shades are also really popular in this design style and this way your ceiling light fixture will correspond to your lamps. Bring in faux silk drapes and lay an opulent faux fur throw on the bed for just a touch of whimsy.

Make the bed the focal point. It's easy for this design style to get lost just because it's so subtle. You need to create a focal point which is also where you'll be spending more of your design budget. The beds in this style of decorating are usually low to the ground like a platform bed. Then compensate for the understated effect turn the entire wall into a headboard. You can do this with wallpaper, artwork or upholstered squares. This allows you to create a big impact on a budget and give your space that wow factor.

Keep it simple. It's easy to go overboard when you choose a specific design style. Then you want every single item in the room to coordinate which can lead to a cluttered effect. Take out any furniture in the room that you don't need. Look for sculptural lamps to serve as the artwork in the room. The headboard can also be a piece of art. You can warm up wood floors with contemporary rugs. These rugs are either solid or have a geometric pattern on them.

Since you are decorating a contemporary master bedroom decide how you want to break up the space. You might need to hide a home office in an alcove. You can add a chair for a reading nook or even a small sofa for a TV viewing area. Just make sure that the space doesn't serve so many purposes that it becomes cluttered or starts feeling like a dorm room. It's supposed to be grand and elegant remember?

Focus on the windows. This allows your space to seem light and airy no matter how small your master suite actually is. If you are worried about privacy and you don't have the best view then try a frosted glass effect. Look for no frills window treatments that give you the minimum amount of privacy that you need but can also open all the way up during the day. This might be a roman shade, a set of wood blinds or just curtains that create long lines. Skip fussy elements such as toppers, cornice boxes, tie backs and valances. Since the focus should be on the view instead of the window treatments go with a monochromatic look. Make the curtains the same color as the walls but you can add an interesting texture like velvet or micro suede. This has a simple elegance that will give your room the feeling of a luxury suite.

A contemporary master bedroom has lots of wide open space so it will make smaller rooms feel organized and even bigger. It's an inexpensive way to decorate and you can bring in a lot of your favorite colors in moderation. Plus, since it's simple you can change up the design easily just by redoing your artwork or changing out your accent color.