Your grade point average, or GPA, is the average score of all your grades combined. Your GPA can easily be a deciding factor for admittance to colleges, universities, and can even be a factor for potential employers. There are the traditional, mundane ways of improving your GPA. There are, however, more interesting and engaging ways that you can implement into your college or high school career. These are some interesting, and somewhat unorthodox tips for a high GPA. 

Review Your Notes Immediately After Class

Take 20 minutes right after your class to review your notes at a bench, at your library, at your dormitory. Manually rewrite portions of your class notes that needs careful clarification. Use your laptop, your iPhone, your iTouch, or any other means of connecting to the internet, and look up information that can help clarify portions of your notes.

Reviewing and rewriting does a few things. Rewriting and revising your notes will reinforce the information onto your memory bank. It can also clarify confusing information, subsequently making you an expert in the subject over time. This tip for a high GPA will typically improve your test scores. The last thing you may want to do is study right after a 2 hour lecture, but taking 20 minutes to look over your notes while the subject is still fresh in your mind is one of the more powerful tips for a high GPA that you can possibly use.

If you have not used, then you are missing out on a gem that can streamline your whole academic experience. RateMyProfessor is a website where you can do just that: Rate your professors. The website contains information on professors from the largest schools in the country, to the smallest community colleges in the backwaters of America.

Before you register a class, make sure to  visit and look up information on your instructors. You can search teachers by subject and department. This can help you anticipate the type of teacher that you will have. Alternatively, you can look up teachers before you register to their class. You can categorize teachers on how "easy" they grade - ensuring that you come out of the semester with a wholesome overview of the subject without sweating too much on their grading policies.  RateMyProfessor is commonly overlooked by students, but it is something that you can use to improve your GPA.

Keep Your Social Life To The Weekends (For the Most Part...)

This might be something that's been hammered into you ever since grade school. But it is a viable tip for a high GPA. Confine the majority of your social life to the weekend. What does "majority of your social life" entails? Well, sometimes you just have to hang out during the week day - and that's okay. Be smart about it: hang out after you've done the bulk of your studying for that day. Keep the frat parties, the drinking, and the adventures for Friday night and the rest of your weekend.

Befriend The Smart Guy in Your Class

Yes, the guy (or gal) who always seem to have all the right answers is the key to your success. Befriend them and piggyback off their hard work. This does not mean to copy their notes and answers off of tests (however, if they let you....).

You are the company you keep. A tip for a high GPA is to buddy up to the smart guy in class, ask for clarification, and ask if they want to join your study group. They will usually use every day, simple language to clarify things that you may not understand, a technique that some instructors and teachers are not able to use.