Waking Up!

Many of us spend most of our mornings running around trying to get everything accomplish before we get the kids on the bus or head off to work.  But there are many tips for a less stressful morning that you and your family can do!

Tip #1: Plan Ahead!

The greatest tip out there is to plan ahead.  While doing laundry, plan out what outfits will be worn during the week for both you and your family.  During your grocery shopping, buy enough snack size treats that can easily be grabbed in case you happen to run late.

If you know your son or husband has a stressful day of business meetings or exams coming up, try to get more done the nights before or after.

Tip #2: Use the Night!

Even if all you can think about is your head hitting the pillow, it is a great time to get stuff done.  Get the showers and baths done at night which will allow you or your children sleep in a little longer if needed.  If you have long hair, it is time saving to allow your hair to dry over night and use a hot iron in the morning to get your desired hair style.

You can also pack lunches, lay outfits out and get outdoor gear ready while your kids are heading off to bed.  Small steps like that will alleviate a lot of stress in the morning when you are not running around to find things!

Tip #3: Wake Up, Get up!

How many of us roll over and hit the snooze button?  If we could just get up with our alarm clocks we would have an extra fifteen minutes to get stuff done.  That might mean getting up before everyone else in your house, but it will also mean having some time to yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee or to do your hair in peace.

Studies have also shown that spending ten minutes working out can improve your memory and your mood.  You could also spend that time taking a walk around the block or hopping on the treadmill!

Tip #4:  Make a To-Do List!

If you spend your day at working thinking about things around the house that need to be done, making a to-do list is for you!  From planning your night step by step or making a list of things to do on  your way home, a to do list is a great help!

Have little ones?  Make a dry erase board with your nightly and morning to do list to help them remember!  The great thing about dry erase boards are how easy you can change them!

Tip #5:  Relax

Waking up late, spilling coffee on your shirt and kids throwing temper tantrums will happen.  But when they do just relax!  If you take the steps above, your mornings will be off to a great start even when something happens to try to throw you off!

Hopefully these tips for a less stressful morning will help you and your family have more enjoyable mornings!