Monica Geller was a character on the Hit TV show Friends. Monica is Ross' sister & Chandler's wife. People everywhere related to her because she bordered on OCD. If you didn't act like her, you probably had a parent who was her mirror image. She was played by Courtney Cox. She along with Jennifer Aniston set the fashion trends through the 90's & beyond. Here is how to dress like Monica Geller.

Bring back the button down shirt. Monica Geller wore a lot of these shirts, even the western style. She wore them in satin, she wore them in cotton. Her style was still sexy while being conservative. Being a chef, she usually went for comfort, but stylish comfort.

Set the trends. Granted, it might seem like Monica Geller is out of fashion now if you look at her early belly shirts & high waist-ed jeans. However, she really set the trends for the time. You don't have to copy her style exactly, just know what is going on in the fashion world & pick out what you love.

Flatter the figure. Monica used to be heavier when she was a kid. Since she lost weight, she always seemed to choose clothes that showed off her body like low cut dresses & short skirts.

Sweaters are your best friend. Well, technically Rachel is your best friend, or possibly Chandler. Monica Geller wore a lot of sweaters in her fictional New York life style. Instead of bulky sweaters, go for slimming knits that fit closer to the body. For a casual weekend, Monica seemed to favor hoodies.

With Monica Geller, it really wasn't about her clothes. Her look seemed to revolve more around her creamy, perfect skin & her sleek black hair. This is great if you are working on a budget because all you really have to do is change up your look without buying a new wardrobe. Monica also seemed to favor one solid hair color so you can honor your natural hair color as long as it looks healthy and shiny.

Make a statement with boots. Chandler once got upset with Monica because she spent too much money on boots. The ever competitive Monica Geller then insisted on wearing them everywhere even though they were killing her feet.

Monica's style wasn't as quirky as Phoebes or as high fashion as Rachel's. This makes it easy to transition from the TV screen to your everyday life. She still managed to look good at work or when she was just hanging out with her "Friends".