Take time fix yourself and be as beautiful as you can be so that you can start your day off right before leaving the house each day.  Make-up makes you look pretty, but too much make-up can make you scream over the top.  Here are the five easy steps on getting that simple but pretty look.

Powder Up for a Smooth Finish

In choosing your foundation, you must consider your skin tone or skin color.  For fair-skin, use lighter shades, but for tan or dark complexion, use dark or medium shades.  There are many kinds of foundation and many brands to choose from.  You can use pressed powder, loose powder, liquid foundation, mousse or a two-way cake.  Whatever kind of foundation you have chosen, apply it evenly on your skin, blend it well using its sponge or brush, and make sure all of the areas of your face are covered.

Let Them Say Wow to Your Brow

Some women are content with just foundation and lipstick but what they do not realize is that brows can definitely change one’s look. Simple Beauty 1Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Beauty_and_Cosmetics_g419-Woman_Combing_Eyebrow_p114304.html Having the perfect brows will make you even more noticeable.  We currently have a lot of brow defining products in the market.

You can choose from pencils, powder and liquid but no matter what product it is, you should consider the right measurement before doing your brows.  They say it should start in line with the inner canthus of your eyes and end at the outer part.  

Color it Lightly

Day make up should be lighter.  You can use lighter shades for your eye shadow.  There are many techniques on how to put on eye shadow, but what is trending right now is what they call taupe.  Taupe is where half of your eye lid is shaded darker, while the other side is shaded lighter.

There are many shades of eye shadows available in the market which makes it difficult to choose.  A single color, like brown for example, has many shades and intensity.  Therefore, make sure to choose your color well.  In the world of cosmetics, you should always pattern it with your complexion.  In putting eye shadow, you can use different sizes of brushes depending on your preference.  After putting on your eye shadow, you can now put on your blush.  Same rules apply in choosing the color of your blush.  Pattern the color of your blush to the shade of your skin tone.

Curl it Up

Eye lashes protects the eyes from dust and other particles so make sure to emphasize them wehn adding mascara.  You can use that simple tool known as the eyelash curler to clamp your eyelash and then put on mascara to make that curl last longer.

Nowadays, mascara is available in different colors as well.  You can put on neon blue or red but black is the most commonly used.  For your simple look, you can also just use clear mascara.  Other brands offer mascaras that have the feature of making your lashes thicker and longer.

Simple yet Pretty Lips

The last step to complete that every day look is to color Simple Beauty 2Credit: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/39233your lips nice and sweet.  There are a lot of products that are intended for the lips.  You can use lipsticks, lip balm, lip gloss, and lip shiner.

With lipsticks, you have the option to choose from glossy, natural, or matte and a lot more. Plus, there are thousands of colors to choose from.  Choose a simple shade that will best suit you and your mood for that day.  Be creative in upholding the beautiful features of your face.  Good luck and enjoy your day!