Learning through an online education in Canada is much different than going to a bricks and mortar Canadian college.  It takes effort to be successful when you are learning online though, just as it does when you are going to a physical location to learn.  But there are a few things that you can do to be more successful at learning online.

Consider Learning by Listening

A great deal of the material that is available to you for learning purposes in an online course is available in text format, meaning that you have to read it.  If you need to read it means that you need to physically sit down and find time to read.  That can be a challenge if there is a lot of reading material.  Also, reading online can be hard on the eyes.  These days there are many ways that you can convert text material into an audio file so that you can listen on the go.  For example, SpokenText.net allows you to convert all sorts of files (including Word and PDF files and even web pages) into an audio file that you can download as an MP3 or MP4. 

Once you have your learning material in an audio format you can put it on your MP3 player, phone, or tablet and listen to it while you are doing other things.  Of course, you wouldn’t want to try to absorb the material when you are doing things that require your attention but you could listen to them when you are en route to work if you take public transportation or while you are working out.

Make Notes

Whether you choose to read the text files or listen to audio files, taking notes will help you absorb the information that you are taking in.   Take note of the most important points and review them several times a week.  You can put them on index cards for easy to transport study notes or you can even use your tablet or e-reader to read the notes.

Take Advantage of Discussion Groups

Many schools that offer online education in Canada provide forums or other methods of communication for students that are taking the same course.  You should take advantage of these because they allow you to hold conversations with other students, which can help you learn the material and think analytically about what you are learning.  Join and existing group or create your own. 

Take Time to Relax

Many times when you are take an online course in Canada you are doing do because you have other commitments like family or work.  Make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you take time to relax.  When people have too many commitments on the go they often end up only putting in 80% instead of 100% because they don’t get enough rest and don’t take enough time for relaxation.  If you are balanced in your activities and remember to include rest and relaxation you will be more successful in other things that you do.


If you follow these tips and implement them into your daily life you will find that it will be easier to be successful at you online college courses.  You will get better grades and you will have less stress when you are trying to manage your time. When you sit down to work you will be more focused and you will get more work done and remember more of what you have learned.

Good luck with your courses!