Tips for a fabulous 50s style wedding

Themes are all the rage for weddings – from beach-style to fantasy to gothic. But what about looking back to a simpler time? The 1950s is a rich source of images and trends. It was a time of change; from the austerity of the post-war years to the vibrant influence of rock 'n roll to the glamour of Hollywood. If you are struggling to find a theme or style for your wedding; why not consider the following:

Ask parents/grandparents (or any relatives or friends) to look at their wedding photos – great way to understand the general 50s trend.

Watch the film Grease – lovely dresses to copy – lots of clean lines and yards of petticoats.

For a sophisticated look – the style of Audrey Hepburn can be copied.

Audry Hepburn

Trawl through eBay for retro 50s dresses and accessories

Visit a specialist retro shop like 'Fur Coat No Knickers' (just off Carnaby Street, London) for a real show-stopper of a dress. Go with an open mind and enjoy being treated like a queen.

Consider having a tea-length dress rather than a long one.

Simple and stylishTea length dress

Short lacy gloves or long 'evening' gloves are a real 50s statement.

Talk to your hair dresser about suitable styles – anything from tight pin-curls to sleek French knots.

Think about having a tea-party theme for your reception (there are some fabulously pretty tea cups, teapots, tablecloths etc in the shops and online at the moment).

Pretty tea cupsTea cake!

A cake stand full of cupcakes makes a spectacular alternative to a traditional style wedding cake.

Ask the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to dress in a similar style to the bride.

Research the music of the era for suitable background sound – everything from Elvis to Frank Sinatra.

Consider having 'old-style' roses for the bouquet or a simple flower creation that can be worn on the wrist.

Old roses for a new bride

Favours – arguably a modern-day invention, however, the tea party theme can be extended by providing each guest with his/her own pretty tea cup. Pop a hand-tied Jasmine or Red tea bag into each and finish with a pretty ribbon. Perfect.

Don't forget the children – they can easily get bored at a wedding. Why not provide them with a goody bag of small toys to play with. Look to the 1950s for inspiration – tiny toy cars, glove puppets, 'slinkys' and bubbles'.

Cars – Triumphs, Rovers and Hillman's are in keeping with the theme or an original Volkswagon Beetle would certainly be a real talking point.

In 1950s, honeymoons were traditionally spent in the UK, but increasingly, the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey) attracted newly-weds.

Finally, although it is good fun to have a theme for your wedding; don't forget it is your important day. Don't stress if things aren't perfect on the day – simply smile and let one of your guest sort out any hiccups.