Before you start attempting to restore your gray hair to it's former luster, check out these tips for coloring gray hair because the process may not be as simple as you first think. Gray hair tends to resist many different types of hair dye. Just check out the back of a few hair coloring boxes at your local grocery store or drug store, many will specifically say that they are not intended for use on gray hair. So, does that you mean you have to live with the gray? Of course not, you just need to learn a few tricks and tips for coloring gray hair.

First of all, evaluate how much gray hair you really have. Tips for coloring gray hair vary dramatically from a person with just a few gray hairs to someone with a majority of gray covering their head. If you only have a little bit of gray, you can get away with a regular hair dye as long as it does not specifically say that it will not cover gray hair. Of course, keep in mind that the hair color may look different on your gray hair than it does on your darker hair. Think of a person with light blonde hair and a person with dark brown hair using the same shade of hair color. These two people will probably have dramatically different results and the color will show up much more vibrantly on the light blonde hair.

The best way to handle this issue is to pluck out a gray hair and one of your naturally colored hairs. Test the hair dye on both of them and then evaluate the results. If the two hairs are radically different after dying, choose a different hair color unless you can live with a streaky look.

Another one of the common tips for coloring gray hair is to leave the hair coloring on a little longer than the package indicates. This is because gray hair is stubborn and resistant to color so if the box says to leave it on for 20 to 25 minutes, go with 25 minutes or maybe even 30 to give the gray hair plenty of time to process.

If you have a great deal of gray hair then look for a hair coloring specially made for those with more than 40 percent gray. Nothing is more frustrating than spending all that time and discomfort dying your hair only to rinse the color away and still be left with a head full of gray hair. Don't do this to yourself, read the back of the package and make sure that the hair coloring will work on your hair before you waste any time or money. That is one of the best tips for coloring gray hair.