To you who are thinking about creating a website, or have your service or product on the web for the first time, here are some tips:

First look for a company that specializes in developing web sites,

the market today there are thousands of people offering this service, but few are qualified to perform and maintain its quality, build a website is no difficult task, difficult is to build a site that meets the direct needs of the client, and get reach their target audience, or even build the site and get to keep the same date and at a frequency of visits from the public to which it is intended, typically we find who do the job but over time, leave out the updates or not give adequate support to the client, thus leaving the site abandoned, "without content updates, and hence without functionality, thus playing on the ground all the investment that has been done on it.

After this search, you should keep in mind what you really want to go to site visitors, make the developer understand your idea and what the content needed to reach your target audience.

Another very important part and equally difficult is the presentation of the site, which "face" that he will have, good looks a good impression, describe how you imagine your website is a good way to pass the idea for the person responsible for creation.

and lastly is essential to inform the investment which you want to do, so you the conditions to work, to create a functional site that meets their needs within the budget you have for the service, avoiding surprises when receiving the value that will to pay for it.

It is worth saying that, if you will join the lines of "do it yourself, the same points listed above are valid.

These are the basic things you should know to put a web site, clear that there are other important factors that were not listed here, but for starters, I believe that if you can follow these will already have taken a major step.