Gran Canaria is a wonderful place to see and to experience, and its a great to hire a car to see the island to take in its fantastic scenery.

Driving a motor vehicle in Gran Canaria is one thing you shouldn't try without having done some investigation into what it's like driving on the island itself. Driving a car around the island isn't very different from driving a car elsewhere aside from in capitals like New York or Rome.

The roadways are of an excellent standard and when you're going up to the hills the landscapes are magnificent however take your time when you're driving a car as a few of the roads have a very sheer drop a distance down. You are able to hire a car from Gran Canaria airport when you get there and then there are many hire firms that offer money saving deals on hire cars of most shapes and forms to help you get round the island

Several things to understand about driving in Gran Canaria to make sure you do not come unstuck when driving a car in Gran Canaria

1. Ensure you carry all of your paperwork about with you constantly because the police can stop you anywhere and get to view your paperwork that is your driving licence, car certificate, and road tax, certificate of motor insurance.

2. Ensure you carry a minimum of 2 yellow bibs. One for your driver the other for every passenger along with a triangle if you have any sort of accident.

3. You will notice that drivers on gran canaria won't wait to make use of their car horn or gesticulate at you if required for no reason

4. Be mindful when utilizing roundabouts for erratic use because any car in the outside lane has top priority if you're going around the on the inside of a roundabout and somebody overtakes you on the outside and you crash into them when you're departing the roundabout, you'll have a difficult time persuading them it really is their fault.

5. Whenever you park your automobile, don’t park on a yellow line because they will instantly fine you should they find you. A typical parking fine is €30. Additionally you have to get proficient at parking as a few of the parking spaces can be very small.

6. Also be mindful not drive on the opposite side of the road when you will find single white line’s in the center of the road.