Most people who are just beginning to blog usually have the same questions with the most asked question being 'What do I write about?" They may also wonder if anything that they write will be worthwhile for anyone else to read. "Why in the heck would anyone care what I write anyways?" These are the thoughts of all beginning bloggers out there. All of these questions and worries can not really be answered until the writing begins and then the beginning blogger might get some answers to some of their questions and worries.

If you are a beginning blogger who has no idea what to write about, you are going to want to think about things that you have an interest in and will enjoy writing about. It will make your new blogging career much easier than writing about stuff you have absolutely no interest in. Fresh content is very important, and you will receive many benefits from it. Your fresh content will be loved and adored by the search engines out there and you will receive some high ranking search engine spots if you really are writing fresh content. Once again though, it all comes down to coming up with good ideas of what to write about.

Just because you have seen other blogs out there about a certain topic, do not think that you don't have a right to blog about that same topic. In your blog, you may want to give a certain different perspective about that topic. Maybe you could even offer your readers much more information about the topic than other blogs do. People who read blogs are always looking for articles that gain their interest and are informative. If you are trying to promote a certain product or service, make sure that you do not come off as some annoying salesman, you do not want your blog to look like it is some annoying sales pitch. This does not mean that you can not write a blog post about something you are trying to promote and sell. At the end of your article you can give a few details on how to purchase the product or service, but the bulk of your blog should be more about information on the product or service. Your readers will want to be sure that you know what you are talking about, and your blog is your tool to show them that you do. The tips below should help you in becoming the blogger that you want to be.

Length of your post

When blogging, think about the length of your post. You do not want it to short, but you also do not want it to be to long either. Many people who read on the Internet skim when reading so you are going to want your blog post to normally be around 200-300 words. A post to short will not give your readers enough information about what you are talking about, plus it will not show your personality. A post that is to long may be a bit intimidating for some readers and they may just pass up reading your post all together. If your post requires you to write more than 300 words then by all means go right on ahead, it is no sin. Sometimes a post which requires lots of information needs to be very long, but also keep in mind that you can always break up your long blog post into different and smaller post.

Headlines, Images and Linking

Your headline is the storefront of your blog post and is very important to draw the reader into reading what you have to say. If you do not have a good headline that draws your readers attention, they will not take the time to read the blog post. Do not make your headline very long. Instead make it short and enticing.

Images are always great for blog post because they make your blog look more professional and attractive. They also make your blog easier to read because of the way they break up the text, making it easier on someones eyes. Images of course should be relevant and compliment what ever it is you are writing about. Using image alt tags will help if you want your images to be picked up by the search engines.

If you are adding links in your blog post, do not get carried away. A few links are fine but any more than that and you will be seen as a spammer. Only include a link when you need to and when it is relevant to your post.

Proofreading, grammar, and formatting

There is nothing more that turns a reader off than reading a blog post that is full of spelling errors and bad grammar. When you are done writing, proofread your post before hitting the submit button. Also, make sure you format your blog right. Use paragraphs the way you supposed to, there is nothing worse than a big block of words that strain the eyes to read. Use bullet points when you need to, images, video, or anything else that will make your blog look as professional as possible. You want to make your blog as easy to read as possible for your readers.

Connecting with your readers through their feedback

When you are a blogger, you will receive feedback from your readers about what you wrote about. It may be positive feedback that agrees with you, or it may be negative feedback that disagrees with you, sometimes it may even just be a question. No matter what the feedback is, you should respond to whatever your readers are saying to you. Let them know that you have read their feedback by responding to it. Far to many bloggers out there never respond to the feedback that they receive.

Consistency and commitment

Staying consistent and committed to a blog is something that lots of bloggers have trouble with. It is ideal for a blogger to add a new entry to their blog every single day. Sometimes though it is just not possible for some bloggers. The longest that someone should go without posting a new blog entry is one week, anything longer than that and you are in high risk of losing some of your readers. Think about it, if a reader comes back to your blog one month after their last visit and finds that nothing new has been posted chances are that they are not going to come back again. You do not want to go missing in action! Being commited to your blog means actually caring about it, if you don't care about it no one else will. Without commitment your blog will have no chance of succedding.