If you are planning to replace your carpet it is a good idea to become familiar with a number of terms. This will help you select the right carpet for your home so you do not end up wasting money on an option that isn't suitable for your lifestyle.


Carpeting comes in a wide selection of different fibers and each one has certain advantages over the next. The most affordable fibers are generally going to be synthetic. Popular synthetic fibers include both nylon and polyester. If you want a carpet that is durable, nylon fibers are an excellent choice. If you are more concerned about stain resistance, consider selecting a polyester fiber instead.

The most popular natural fiber carpet is going to be made out of wool. The price for wool carpeting can be up to five times as much than a standard nylon fiber carpet. Wool carpet is considered a sustainable resource so people who are environmentally conscience may prefer this fiber to the synthetic options. In terms of durability, wool carpeting is among the best options available!


The color of your carpeting should seriously be considered before you purchase it. If you have pets or young children in your home, a carpet that is light in color will show more dirt and staining than one that is dark. Also keep in mind that if your home is fairly dark a light colored carpet may help to brighten it up a bit!

Face Weight

One of the most important aspects of carpet is its face weight. This is a measure of how much fiber is used to make one square yard of the carpet. The higher the face weight is the more durable your carpet is likely to be. Face weight is not something you can visually identify so make sure to look for this stat on the informational tag. Anything over 30 ounces is considered decent, but over 40 is best!


You can purchase carpet in several different styles that can dramatically alter the appearance of a room. Plush carpeting is a popular selection that offers a fairly uniform appearance. Plush carpeting will consist of fibers that are the same color and height. A saxony carpet is similar to plush, but the fibers are denser.

Looped carpeting is also fairly common. Berber is a well known version of this type of carpeting that is very durable. Cut and loop carpeting provides a patterned look because some portions of the carpet are taller than others.