Sleeping Advice

Sleeping is not easy job

If you can not sleep or sleep for a night or two is not harmful to health. You'll probably tired, but if you rest the following night you will find yourself in shape.

You'll probably tired, but if you rest the following night you will find yourself in shape.

However, if you do not sleep for several nights in a row, you begin to notice several symptoms:

- Constant tiredness

- Feeling sleepy during the day, even go to sleep.

- Difficulty concentrating

- Indecision

--Depressive feelings

If you have these symptoms is that insomnia is starting to affect your health and you should begin to wonder if your lifestyle or environment around you, disrupt your sleep.

Then we provide you with some guidelines to get rest at night:

Sleep well

- A mattress too hard or too soft is not adequately supported. Generally, we must change the mattress every 10 years to ensure maximum comfort.

- Our bedroom should be quiet and comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold

- If no lights or sounds that make us awake, we must consider if we can reduce its effects.

- We used our room only to sleep

Establish a routine

- Try to lie down and get up at the same time each day, including weekends.

- Do not throw naps during the day.

- Establish a regular sleep schedule, take time to relax before bedtime, taking a bath, sitting in a quiet or reading.

Reduce stress

Feeling stressed or anxious is the main reason that causes insomnia. If you're stressed or worried, it can help to note your thoughts and concerns before bedtime. If you can not sleep because you feel anxious, get up and do something relaxing for 20 minutes, like reading a book or watch TV.

It is important to recognize when you feel stressed out and do something if this becomes a serious problem and begin to feel tired. Tell a friend, family member and remember that if you have insurance , your primary care physician or specialist can help you externalize your problems.

Eat and drink properly

Everything we eat and drink can affect our energy levels. Caffeine and alcohol can make it difficult to sleep or do we wake up in the middle of the night, so we should avoid taking these substances before sleeping.

Eating sugary foods or heavy night affect sleep, therefore, we must take the main meal in the morning instead of at night. A frugal dinner is always advisable


Combining a healthy, balanced diet with exercise-recommended 30 to 45 minutes a day, five days a week, we help you sleep better and have more energy to face another day. It is not advisable to exercise right before bedtime, since we will be more clear and alert and have more difficulty falling asleep.

If you are still following these tips still do not sleep well, we must make an appointment with a primary care physician or a sleep specialist, usually neurologist or internist.