Tips For Surviving Your First Day In A New Job

Survival Tactics For Your First Day In a New Job

Making the right impression on the first day of your new job
is vital to ensuring that your relationships with your future colleagues get
off to the best possible start.

With the tension in the run up to interview and the
resounding feeling of celebration once you know you have the job, the practicalities
of the first day seem like a long way off and little to trouble yourself with
just yet.

Yet a little bit of forward planning can mean that you
stride into your new place of work feeling confident, prepared and ready to fit
into part of your new team.

  1. Know where you work and know how to get there
    simple you might think, but are you sure what the journey times may be like in
    rush hour, what alternative transport methods are available and which office
    you are based at if there is more than one site? The truth is a little forward
    planning can save you the embarrassment of stumbling in at 9.35am, red faced
    and sweating from the 45minute jog to get there. First impressions count – be on
    time and be in the right place.
  2. Know what to wear – make sure you dress appropriately
    for the place of work – you had a good opportunity to get the measure of the
    dress code in your interview, so use that as a base. Do not be afraid to add
    your own personality to formal office wear, within reason.  However if you work where there is a strict uniform
    policy, be sure your attire does not violate it. Take the initiative and get in
    touch with your new employer should you any doubt as to what is acceptable or unacceptable.
    To score some easy points – ask if they have a uniform policy and could you
    have a copy?
  3. Take action – do not sit around waiting for
    people to introduce themselves, introduce yourself. Approach people
    purposefully but with a smile and an extended hand. Explain to them it’s your
    first day, who you are and what role you will be doing, then ask them for the
    same information. If you sit wilting in a corner waiting for your colleagues to
    come over – you may be waiting a long time – some may not even notice you are
    new. Make the right impression as a confident, personable and professional team
    player. Most people find new introductions awkward, so chances are if you take
    the direct action approach people will warm to you faster for being forward.
  4. Be body aware – what you do not say your body
    will say for you. Body language is one of the most important communicators –
    you want your body language to convey a confident professional who is
    comfortable in their new surroundings. Stand tall, small at people and give
    them eye contact. Let them know you are friendly and willing to engage with
    them. Slumped shoulders and eyes fixed on the ground – will not result in
    others warming to you.
  5. Finally – do not be afraid to ask questions
    people will be far more willing to help if you ask them for support – it fosters
    synergy within the team – everyone is able to help everyone else. People will
    not be able to guess you need help if you do not ask for it, or may be embarrassed
    to help if by doing so they think they will damage your pride.

Hopefully these above tips will give you some guidance of
things to bear in mind when you step into your new place of work for the first