Chocolate wedding favors are part of a wedding nowadays. The following tips will help you to easily choose the right one for your wedding.

1. Financial Planning. Choosing these favors will depend on many factors, but most probably the budget will be the deciding factor. The amount of money you can spend on chocolate favors and truffles and other gourmet items is limitless, so before you begin to shop around its better to have an actual budget in mind.

2. Theme & Colors. Adapt chocolate wedding favors according to the wedding style. Are you holding an elegant banquet or a more casual party? If it's formal and traditional, then typically you choose chocolates that are just as elegant and indulgent. Most chocolate makers offer packages that they make up just for weddings, usually a small and elegant box of truffles. Traditional designs are tuxedos and wedding gowns or write initials. Some offer a single very exquisite decadent chocolate in a box finished in tulle and ribbon. There's a multitude of themed chocolate favors from sea shells, lollipops, cakes, bells you can adapt for a formal wedding.

However, if your reception is more casual then you can present treats such as delicious chocolate covered pretzels. For a casual theme you can have sports based shapes like golf balls, soccer balls, bowling – almost any other sports you can think of. Casino chips are suitable for a Vegas-theme wedding.

If having a wedding on the beach you can order seashells, sea animals to suit the theme. If you rather prefer a simplistic approach then just plain squares of chocolate that are stamped with your name or initial are ideal for you.

3. Presentation. A cheap plain box can be redesigned to a stylish one by wrapping it in beautiful fabric with an elegant ribbon for a personal touch matching the wedding colors. Clear plastic bags tied with ribbon are a budget option.

As more chocolate makers are offering chocolate wedding favors you have more options and a variety of prices to choose from, making it affordable. Whether you have a no limit or a tight budget, surely you will find the right kind of chocolate wedding favors for your big day. Wedding favors have been a tradition since the 16century and still are a part of a wedding these days. Chocolate is something that most people love and appreciate its presence.