San Diego is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country. Located in the southwestern-most tip of California, San Diego has a ton of beautiful beaches and enjoys perfect weather almost year-round. Here are a few tips for making your San Diego trip an easy and enjoyable one.

On the Way
Make photocopies of all your important documents before you leave your home, and keep a set of them at your hotel once you arrive in San Diego. Whether your coming by train, bus or plane, keep your tickets with you at all times and also keep a good eye on your luggage. If you're coming by car, remember that cell phone use while driving is illegal in California.

Hotel/Motel Rooms
Make hotel/motel reservations at least a couple weeks in advanced when visiting San Diego, as it can get especially crowded during conventions and holiday season. If you wait to the last minute, the prices, especially in the Downtown area, will be extremely high, or you might simply not be able to find rooms. One good idea if you want to save a bit of money is to get a hotel or motel that is a few minutes away from the main downtown area. From there you can just take a short bus or trolley ride to all the main attractions.

Once in San Diego, you can take the trolley or metropolitan buses to almost anywhere. Ask for schedules at the reception desk at your hotel or check out times and routes online by going online to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System website. If you use a taxi, which might be necessary if you stay out late at night, make sure to keep an eye on the meter so you don't get charged over the right amount. If you have a car, be aware of the parking restrictions. Parking in the Downtown are can be especially difficult, and you might just want to leave the car at the hotel for the sake of convenience.

Going to the Beach
There are a lot of great beaches in San Diego. All along the coast, there is something to enjoy. Which ever part of the San Diego shore you decide on, though, make sure to know where the nearest lifeguard tower is, and note the regulatory signs that are posted. Remember that it is illegal to bring alcohol onto San Diego beaches as of 2008. You can enjoy alcoholic beverages by simply walking to one of the many coast-side restaurants and bars.