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A tandem skydive is an exciting adventure that involves being strapped to an instructor as one plunges through free fall and then parachutes to the ground landing safely after jumping from a plane.  A tandem skydive is often used as a first skydiving experience and is often the first jump one takes when he or she wishes to learn to skydive.  While it is not easy to find truly cheap skydiving schools, one can obtain skydiving vouchers online so that significant savings can lead to what is a comparatively cheap skydiving experience.  One can easily find several places online in almost any area, or within a short drive of his or her own locale, where a wonderful skydiving experience can be booked.  Should one choose to go out for a great adventure and wish to learn to skydive there are a number of important factors that should be kept in mind.

Some of the general rules for making a tandem skydive

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For the most part a skydive school will require that participants in their programs, including those wishing to make a tandem skydive, be at least 18 years old.  There is generally a weight limit that is strictly enforced for these dives.  On the day of the dive most schools will tell a participant to wear slightly loosed fitting clothing with sturdy shoes that are well-secured to the feet and have closed toes and heels.  Remember, you will likely be spending several hours at the flight center so bring bottled water and snacks or remember to inquire as to whether or not the facility has a snack shop or vending area should the need arise.  Remember to leave unnecessary valuable at home as many facilities do not offer lockers and these items will need to be locked in one’s car.  Also, make sure to check with the flight center, well-prior to the tandem skydive, to make sure that there will be goggles to accommodate and protect contact lenses or eye-glasses, some schools will require that these items be removed, others will rent a special protective goggle to jumpers and others, still, will simply provide this piece of equipment as part of the dive package.

Some of the pre-jump preparations one will encounter when making a tandem skydive

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At most centers on the day of the tandem skydive one will be asked to view a film about the experience.  After viewing this film, generally liability waivers will need to be signed; these tend to be long and will essentially take a bit of time to read.  Fees are also collected at this point if the company has not done so already, one should remember to bring any skydive voucher that has been purchased or printed out so that he or she can save money while enjoying an exhilarating experience.  At this point one generally meets his or her jump master who will be the tandem skydive instructor who will do everything from instruct on the equipment one will then be putting on to jumping attached to the student via a harness that securely will link instructor and student. 

Taking the Big Jump

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Once in the plane the instructor will be telling you what to do, you will be holed together, inched toward the door and for a brief moment you will dangle out of the plane, the instructor will have given you specific instructions about what to do and body positioning in the way down.  Depending on the instructor he will either step or flip out of the plane and the two of you will be in free fall at the appropriate altitude he will deploy the chute, loosen your legs from his and then the float to a landing begins.  The instructor may ask that you take the chute toggles for a moment during this tandem skydive as the ground gets closer you will lift our legs and when given the word, you will be stand and be back, safely, heart-pumping and mind racing, full of excitement from the exhilarating experience, on the ground.