Writing web content is very different from writing essay for high school or college coursework.

There are a few things you have to bear in mind when writing web content.

1. Short Sentences

You need to remember that reading online is more tedious than reading paperback. You have to write short sentences. This is to make it easier for readers.

2. Short Paragraphs

You have to remember to keep the paragraphs short. Please do not use the same paragraphing method for college essay.

3. Simple words

Use simple English words when writing web content. Readers lack the patience to check the meaning of the difficult words.

The best is to use words that a normal 10 years old kid can understand.

4. Keyword density

Writing web content means to write in a way that the search engine robots can understand.

That requires the repetitive use of a particular keyword phrase. You need to select a keyword phrase, and use it consistently throughout the articles.

Keep the keyword density below 7%, otherwise the articles will be treated as spam.

5. Length of articles

You will notice that many writing sites encourage you to write at least 400 words. That is the minimum word count deemed as sufficient for indexing purpose.

If the search engines do not index the articles, this means the articles are non-existent in Internet.

It is best to write longer articles. Some writers notice that longer content attracts more readers from search engines.

6. Style

The style of writing web content is conversational, yet not overly-friendly.

Write as if you are explaining the concept to your friends. You do not write as if you are writing a thesis.

You do not write as if the readers know everything.

7. Avoid too much information

You need to avoid too much information in a single article.

If you have a lot of things to share, you can split into a series of articles. For example, one article deals with the symptoms of a certain disease, the next article deals with the treatment.

Avoid too much information serves to make reading easier for the readers.

8. White space

Make use of white apace to spread out the words.

Readers who read online hate to see all the words mess together. That is why making use of white space is so important.

You can use double line spacing to spread the paragraphs apart.

9. Advertisements

If you can slot the advertisements to break up a long article, do so. For example, you can place an advertisement between two important key points.

That serves as an encouraging break for the readers.

10. Font Size

If you can control the font size for your web content, you can choose to use bigger size. The minimum font size for comfortable reading is Size 12. You can even use Size 14 to make a shorter article looks longer.

Avoid using any size that is smaller than Size 12. Readers hate to see words that are tiny and pack together.

Writing web content is a way to share information and make money. If you can keep to the simple rules above, you can benefit the readers.

You will enjoy writing web content when you see that readers appreciate your articles. You will enjoy article writing when you see money rolling in from your articles.