Disability benefits either from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are important as they help those with illnesses and injuries with their monthly expenses if they cannot work and earn sufficient income to meet their needs.

However, a lot of eligible applicants are denied of these benefits because of some mistakes that could have been avoided. To help them during appeals, there are disability attorneys in Los Angeles who will advise that they:

  • Verify information – there are instances when the applicant fails to abide by the procedure or promptly submit the necessary forms and documents because of the wrong information given to him.

To avoid any problems, it would be best to ask experts about the subject you have in mind. There are instances that even those answering phones in SSA offices give wrong information or do not clearly explain the answer to the applicant's inquiry.

  • Gather medical records – since his disability will qualify him for these benefits, it is important to get all your medical records and submit it with your application form.

A disability examiner is in charge of making the initial determination whether a person should be considered a disabled or not. With these records, he can determine whether they are sufficient enough for a disability claim.

  • Respond to notices promptly – the agency will send notices and letters that would require the applicant's immediate response.

These hearing notices and appointment letters sent by the agency should first be analyzed by attorneys. The claimant jeopardizes his chances of being granted with disability benefits if he fails to respond to these letters and notices.

  • File an appeal immediately – it is not uncommon for the SSA to deny applications with insufficient evidence to back it up.

However, the claimant must immediately file an appeal on these decisions if he can obtain the evidence he needs to receive the much-needed benefits. Appeals can be done with the help of lawyers who will protect their best interest.

  • Lawyers are helpful – having a disability lawyer to help you will definitely make the difference as they have years of experience in handling these appeals.

These disability lawyers will be able to make recommendations and coach their client regarding the pieces of information that should be disclosed with the SSA personnel.

Applicants are not required to obtain the services of expert Los Angeles disability attorneys. But, these experts will help them in responding to SSA's queries regarding his disability.