Because of the approaching holiday season, families are beginning to install decorative lights and equipments that should bring Christmas spirit into their homes.

However, during this festive season, a lot of accidents are reported to occur inside the house because of electrocution and explosions caused by defective Christmas light bulbs.

The installation and components of each Christmas lights may differ. Generally, here are some safety tips that you must observe when installing Christmas lights.

  • Use heavy-duty extension cords with ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Use outlets controlled by switch that has an automatic timer to regulate electricity consumption and prevent overheating
  • Before plugging the lights, check for defective wires and broken bulbs
  • Never meddle with the wirings if the Christmas light is still plugged
  • Wear safety gloves and use long-nose pliers when replacing bulbs
  • Make sure that the step ladder or the extension ladder to be used is firm and sturdy to prevent fall accidents

These tips should help families have a joyous celebration inside their homes and not in emergency rooms where a family member is being treated for his injuries.

During the holidays, it won't hurt to be extra careful to have a safe celebration with your loved ones. Make sure that everyone will have a good time and truly feel the spirit of Christmas. Stay safe during the holidays!

Accidents during the Holidays

Two of the most common accidents that can happen inside the house during holidays are fire accidents and electrocution. These two can be cause by kitchen fires and poor-quality, cheap Christmas lights and electric decors.

Instead of saving money, you may end up shouldering heavier medical expenses and payments for repairs of damaged properties because of these decorative lights.

To be safe, carefully choose the products to buy and never leave the kitchen while something is still cooking. Also, regularly check the wires and the electric source of equipments. Never leave the Christmas lights on for long periods of time as they may overheat and cause an explosion.

Aside from this, there are also instances when victims are cheated by manufacturers of seemingly good-quality lights. If you are a victim of a defective Christmas light bulb, then, you may have a case against the people responsible in manufacturing and distributing the product. Contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer as soon as a defect in the product has caused an accident.