cheating(44537)A woman nowadays should learn the art of keeping her man so that the man will not cheat or, worst, dump her for another woman. In this digital world, almost all things are within everybody’s reach; hence, it is best for a woman to be updated all the time with the do’s and don’ts in a relationship so that her man will stick with her forever.

Always maintain the spark and passion in the relationship.  In a long-running relationship, there is a tendency among couples to feel “stagnant” which means the spark is slowly fading. It suddenly becomes boring and ordinary, unlike during the first few years of the relationship when everything is still burning with enthusiasm, sweetness and adventures. Women tend to look ordinary compared during those courtship days when she exerted efforts on how to look at her best for her man.  This should not be the case or else your man will try to look for another spark with someone else; someone who can rekindle the adventurous and sweetness he is looking for a relationship. So, for women, always maintain that passionate side of you. Always look for something new that can make your man happy and excited. In this way, the burning passion and sweet closeness are always present in the relationship. So, why will your guy jump to another fence if he is happy and enjoying your fence.

Make efforts in looking at your best for him. This is very true among women. Some women suddenly just became complacent in the relationship that they got lazy fixing their looks.  Where is that sexy dress and silky hair? Where is already that smooth skin and captivating smell? Aside from your personality and intelligence, your guy fell in love with you because how great you looked like before.  Because of this, you should be able to maintain this kind of look that made him attracted to you in the first place. Never let your career or household chores prevent you in pampering yourself once in a while. Go to salons and spas. Buy dresses, make-ups and perfumes. Get a good exercise and throw the junk foods in your house.  Make yourself look more stunning and attractive to your guy. With this, he will not divert his look to another girl, but only you. Remember, some guys cheat with their women because they got tempted with other women who are more attractive and sexier.

Communication. Above everything else, a woman should always maintain an open communication with her man.  In this way, she will know what is inside the mind of the guy. By knowing your guy’s thoughts, you will likely to get a hint whether your guy is cheating on you or not.  Also, open communication enables the relationship to be stronger as both parties will know their respective feelings and views about the relationship.