If your lawn is bigger than 1000 m2 you might need to buy a ride on mower. By using the mower grass will be mowed more efficiently and you will be able to save time and your lawn loves to be treated by a ride on mower. However, it is not a best idea to just buy any type of mower. One needs to consider some things before purchasing one for your garden. Read this article and you will discover what type of mower is best for your lawn.

There are three types of ride lawn mowers:

  1. Garden tractors
  2. Zero turns mowers (ZHT)
  3. Riders
It will not be a good idea to purchase the mower without considering some factors. These factors will help you decide what type of mower you need to purchase. The first thing you need to do is to check your lawn by answering the following question:

  • What kinds of barrier are on the lawn?
  • Is your lawn smooth or not?
  • Does it have shady spot that is always wet?
  • Does it have problems with surface roots from trees?
  • Is your lawn on a slope or lawn level?
  • Does it have many obstacles during maneuverability like trees, planter boxes, walls, or patios?
Then take a sensible look at yourself. Is your favourite pastime is to work in the yard? If not, then it is better to ask the service of gardeners in a month or two. Working in your lawn mean you need to clean the mowers air filter, checking the spark plugs and change the oil? A properly maintained ride on lawnmower will surely last for many years.

After checking yourself and your lawn it is now time to check your budget. Can you afford to buy Honda ride mowers or a simple mower which is not necessarily a branded one? Will you live longer in this house or you just want to stay there for a few years? If so then you don't have to buy expensive mower for that lawn.

After taking consideration of these factors it is now time to choose which type of mower you need to purchase. Ride tractor mowers and riders differ on its cutting deck. The tractor has its cutting deck right under the machine, while the rider has front-mounted cutting deck. It means that if there are a lot of obstacle and bushes in the garden, then the lawn mower riders is the best for this position. It is designed with an articulate steering principle that makes the machine extremely manoeuvrable in the garden and is fun to drive.

The lawn mower tractors have its engine placed in front of the driver and are therefore not suitable for lawn with a lot of bushes and obstacles in the garden. In a larger area, a garden tractor functions best. The tractor also offers the great way to collect grass that keep the lawn tidy and free from grass clippings.

A ZTH is a mower best used in large, open spaces and is known to have a turning radius of 30 degrees. It is a 4 stroke mowers and is ideal for larger lawn. It gives high productivity and can be driven at fast speed when cutting larger areas and collectors are available as option.
Therefore, if you want to purchase a ride on mower it is best to consider the above consideration and identify which is best for your lawn, for your interest and for your budget.