As the end of the year approaches we as a society tend to begin looking towards the New Year as that one time of the year when we can set new goals for ourselves and aim to do things we would like to achieve such as losing weight or making more money.

This works good but unfortunately, many people wait until the New Year to set goals. You only live once and there are no do over’s in life. There is no need to wait until the first of the year to make goals. Most companies operate off of a fiscal year. Their fiscal year may begin on October 1st or May 3rd. You can use the fiscal year for setting your “News Years Resolutions” anytime of the year. You can set and run off of your own fiscal year just like businesses do. If you start your goal setting in May to become a bodybuilder and build muscles and stick with it, then you can get pretty buff and sexy looking by the time the New Year rolls around. When everybody else is daydreaming and writing down their goals for the New Year.

When setting goals we often look at goals of things we want such as a new car, weight loss, more muscles, and a better paying job. We often fail at keeping our resolutions and I think it may be because of how we approach it. Instead of looking at is as a “What do I want” look at it as a “what is best for my children and loved ones”.  If you are fat and out of shape then and the Doctor can tells you that you can extend your life by at least 20 years and not die in your early 40’s as long as you lose weight and get in shape then you will be much more likely to get in shape and lose weight if you keep your wife and kids in mind. You can accomplish goals better when you have someone else best though in mind, while still benefitting yourself.

You will also be much more apt to accomplish your goal if you jump into it feet first. If you hem and haw and delay starting then the anticipation of starting may make you so nervous that you never begin. Instead of over researching how to work out at the gym just head to the gym each day and start working out and doing random exercises. This will help you to build up your confidence much faster and learn proper exercise methods sooner. It will also give you progress. As soon as you see that you have lost some fat and built some muscle it will motivate you enough to keep you going.

As you set goals and learn to accomplish them then you will get better at accomplishing goals and then you can achieve more and bigger and better success. This is why so many successful people seemingly experience so much success at everything they do. Initially you may struggle to sell a single vacuum cleaner when you take a job for Kirby selling vacuum cleaners door to door. If you stick with it you will get better. As you get better at it you self confidence will increase drastically and then one day you may run your own Kirby distributorship making a lot more money and then from that maybe you open up a chain of Taco Bell franchises. Having success allows you to be more successful with future goals that are even higher up the so called success ladder.

Do not wait until the first of the year to set new goals. Take your goals in micro-steps and as long as you are continually working towards your goals you will be making progress and getting closer and closer to achieving your goals. When you achieve a bunch of smaller goals then you can eventually achieve your dreams.

Working hard is very important, but it is also important that you have a plan mapped out and you are not just blindly working hard everyday. If you have a plan in mind and work towards your plan each day then you can accomplish your goals much sooner than just going into everything blindly.

One of the more creative ways people have come up with to setting goals is to find a partner with mutual goals. A great partnership would be your spouse. If you and your spouse were on the same page then it would be awesome as you two work together to reach goals you have in common.

Maybe you both want a large log home up in the mountains near Lake Tahoe where you can fish and hike everyday. You can accomplish this much faster if you and your spouse both want the same goals and work together to help each other as a team so that you can meet the goal.

Do not wait to set your goals. Write down what you would like to achieve in life and then map out a plan of how to achieve it. Your next goal is to start working the plan and you do not need to wait until January 2st to begin working towards your goals. You will in fact have much more success if you do not wait until January 1st of each year in order to state working towards your goals.

We often talk about goal setting in the business World and our personal World but rarely do people actually write down their goals and follow thru on trying to accomplish them. If you want to stand out from everybody else you simply need to always be working towards achieving your goals. If you can do this then you will experience much more success than ever before. These tips may seem like easy to tips to follow but most people do not follow the goals they set-out to achieve. If you can do it then you will be very successful in life.