Every parent should have some idea of how to bring up a newborn. It can be hard for a new parent to know the developmental changes and stages in her baby. To succeed in this, you should look at the tips below.

How to bring up a newborn


How can you tell when your child is communicating? You can know through their crying or laughing. When the baby is crying, this means that he or she is hungry, wet, feeling sleepy or sick. To identify the type of cry, you can consult those with more experience for advice.  But if you have experience, then you will be able to know what message the baby is passing and take immediate action. Laughing is a sign of joy. When the baby is in a jovial mood, he or she will be playing or making funny giggles most of the time.


Every newborn baby gets nutrition by breastfeeding or bottle feeding. During the first six months, doctors advice on breastfeeding exclusively.  The baby’s body is weak during these this time and need to be fed this way. Weaning comes later after six months. It is good to know which food to start feeding your child. Sifted porridge and fruit juice are highly recommended when introducing your baby to solids.


It is advisable for every newborn child to spend most of their time sleeping. Prepare a nice sleeping place for them. This is where there is enough comfort; protection and safety. New born and infants do not hold milk or food for so long. It is the duty of the parent to wake the baby up for feeding.  This can be after every three or four hours of sleep.


As the baby continues to grow, the instinct of playing is aroused. Playing is very important for the growing child. What are the best playing toys for your child?  Buy toys which are harmless to your baby as most of them are oblivious of the dangers. Create some time to teach and play with your baby. By doing so, you will highly participate in your baby’s growth.


Children start to utter some words by the age of one year and above. The first language will be determined by their environment.   As a parent, teach your child how to talk from infanthood. Communicate with the baby frequently so as to help him or her adapt to proper language quickly.  You can even take the child out to play with other children; they will learn how to talk faster. Do not lock your child indoors where there is no one to talk to.