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1. Play with a Band

Playing with others brings out creativity from more than one person, so as not to limit yourself to what you know. It allows you to experiment, and get used to playing with a group. Sometimes it can be harmful if you depend on playing only with one group of people, so you better find several jamming partners, and preferably each playing different styles of music. Technique isn't a criteria for selection in this case, since players' techniques and skills may widely vary, and each one may use that skill differently according to their genre, creating infinite possibilities of jamming partners, all of which would be helpful to you as a guitarist. Playing along with different instruments is very useful, but there always have to be key instruments in your band (drums and bass) in order to properly learn the basics.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

No matter how many times people will tell you that you suck or should quit, practice does make perfect. Practicing (properly, of course) with a metronome is the best and easiest way to becoming the most skilled guitarist. Practicing with jam tracks is a sure way to bring out your creative side and to allow flowing expression during your free jams. Therefore, the importance of practicing cannot be emphasized.

3. Don't Waste Time Learning Songs, Focus on your Own Sounds.

Despite the usefulness of learing songs to find new sounds and techniques, it doesn't help if you influence yourself too much instead of focusing on discovering your own, original sound. Spend more time playing and less time listening; it will allow you to develop a certain characteristic about your playing that will distinguish you from others.

4. Don't Slack Off

Don't take everything for granted, work hard towards your goals, be it getting a record deal, winning a talent show, or even getting acclaim from a small circle of people. Try to play live as much as you can to get over stagefright and enhance your public performances. Make your own band, post your music online for others to rate you and to be recognized. Success will not come easy, so you better work hard to get it.

5. Invest in your Talent

Do not be afraid of spending on items you NEED in order to develop your talent. If you need new equipment to improve your sound, don't be cheap and buy them. If you need pedals, a new guitar, or a new amp, buy it to encourage yourself to play. A good guitarist takes care of having the perfect tone, and that comes with proper equipment, not just fast hands. Make sure you don't sound like crap due to being too stingy to invest in your talent. You will certainly regret it later if you don't reward yourself for practicing.