Bird Watching Tips




So it is time to plan your next holiday, and that is not always easy. Most of us like to do something different.Well here is a suggestion for doing just that, and you will not only make new friends but actually enjoy yourselves at the same time.Bird-watching is a terrific way of seeing birds in their natural habitats and surroundings.One way of doing this is to contact a Bird watching club and ask for information on any coming holidays.

Armed with this information you can make the decision to go for a holiday with the club, after your holiday you can decide to become a member and do some more of this type of holiday.I should warn you though; if you truly love to watch these beautiful birds then you may become addicted to this type of holiday.

Or you may just want to go and do your own thing and while away you may be intrigued by the birds around your camp site. There is nothing worse than going on a holiday and seeing all these beautiful-birds and animals and they disappear out of sight.If you were to take the binoculars before leaving on your bird-watching holiday there would not be a problem.These are great, simply because you can hide amongst the bushes and by adjusting the sights you can often watch the beautiful-birds as they build their nests or if you are extra lucky see them feed their young.


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Importance of Binoculars


How many times have you gone camping or sitting by the river and all of a sudden you hear the beautiful sound of singing in the trees? Then wonder what bird makes that exquisite sound? You might see a beautiful bird fly into the bush in front of you or dip into the river and come up with a fish dinner.

Then you sit and spend the next hour arguing over what type of breed it was.Well with a decent pair of binoculars and a book guide to discovering the breed was there will be no more problems. If you are like us you may have trouble focusing on the subject because your hands are shaking so much.Then why not buy a tripod and rest the binoculars on one those.

You could also buy a pair of Binoculars that have the Porro prism design which have a wider spaced eyepiece.Or the Roof prism design has the eyepiece in line with the objective lenses.You will need to try which one suits your particular eyes the best.

After deciding which best suits your eyes the next thing to do is checkout which pair of binoculars fits into the price of your budget. I have listed three types of Binoculars of different prices for you to check out the following information and see what you think.

Vortex Optics Viper HD 10x50 Roof Prism Binocular
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These are waterproof, and the optics are sealed with rubber O-rings to prevent moisture from seeping inside.

Bird Guide Books for the Bird-watcher

If you are a bird-watcher then there are many different books and guides that you can buy. Most of these will give you a comprehensive description of the various breeds. Complete with pictures so that you can identify each of the birds as you catch site of them.



American Bird guides

  • National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America
  • The Sibley Guide to Birds of Eastern North America
  • The Sibley Guide to Birds of Western North America
  • Focus Guide to the of North America
  • Australian Bird-Guides
  • Field guides to the Birds-of Australia- The most comprehensive one volume book of identification
  • Beginners guides to Birds
  • The Slater Field Guide to Australian
  • Michael Morcombe Field Guide to Australian Birds- Complete Compact Edition

I hope this will help you to select your next pair of binoculars and the right guide to identify those beautiful birds that you see out there while sitting around enjoying your next happy hour session with other RV/caravaners.