Why do you need a reliable Tractor Snowblower Attachment?

If you have ever been stuck in your laneway with a broken snowblower tractor attachment or you need to get snowblower parts ASAP, it is not fun.  Tinkering with a stubborn lump of scrap in a blizzard can be avoided for the most part!  By choosing a tractor snow blower wisely, if it does break, it will at least be possible to  fix it.

Here are  a list of tips to get the best Tractor Attachment Working Well - Snowblowing as it should be!Credit: Skeffling Lavender Farmchoice of snow blower tractor attachments at the best price.  After all, tractor snow blowers do a ton of heavy work.  Wet snow, hidden hazards under the snow and high revolutions of the PTO and auger all have the potential for trouble.  

If someone has abused their snow blower, there should be visible signs.  The snow blower may look OK at first glance but if you know what to look for, you can save yourself some trouble.  If you know there are problems and are still willing to go ahead and purchase at least you can factor the repairs into the price.  Once you have the snowblower tractor attachment revved up, ploughing through wet snow, it won't take long to find an underlying problem.

Prepare for Buying a Used Snowblower Tractor Attachment

Use the Internet to Make it Easier

72" Used Snowblower Tractor Attachment ona  International tractor with a cabCredit: Skeffling Lavender Farm

  1. Start early - Snowblower tractor attachments are cheap in the summer.  People are not thinking about  snow on their summer vacation.  Farm equipment sales or clearing auctions in the spring are great for cheap snow blowers.
  2. Look everywhere - Auctions, Kijiji, Craigslist, and agricultural equipment sites and classifieds online.  Many local dealers have their stock listed on the internet and you can check before you waste gas.  Get an idea of pricing too.  Subscribe to any searches so when a snowblower tractor attachment is listed, you can pounce.
  3. Place wanted ads - These work well, especially in summer.  You tend to be in the drivers seat for bargaining  and usually you don't have to pounce as fast. You get a few days leeway before going to view a tractor snow blower, instead of having to look same day when answering an ad.  People are lazy and often just want to deal with one person looking at their item.  You can get a good response, especially if you don't put how much you are willing to pay.
  4. Do your homework - If you see a particular model advertized, Google it.  Look for online snow blower reviews and ratings.  Online tractor forums are great places to read about common faults and pitfalls of older farm implements.  Reading people's experiences and fixes of specific old and new tractor snow blower models is very enlightening.  Look for -
  • Width of blower for your tractor's hp (horse power) and tph (three point hitch) size
  • Opinions on effectiveness of the snow-blowing system and how it works
  • Common weak spots and design flaws, know where to double-check on viewing
  • Whether snowblower parts are still available for that model
  • Idea of a reasonable price

When Buying a Used Snowblower Tractor Attachment.

7 Things to Check on Viewing

72" Used Lucknow Snowblower Tractor AttachmentCredit: Skeffling Lavender Farm


  1. Damaged or bent augers - These are a sign of major abuse from snowblowing objects that shouldn't be snow-blowered, firewood, tools etc.  The bent augers do not channel the snow as well to the chute.  When you see bent augers, look carefully at the PTO shaft.  Also check the augers spin freely.
  2. For a bent or broken PTO shaft - these can be expensive to replace and impossible to use til they are.  If you have a good welding shop locally, occasionally they can bail you out with a skilled fix.
  3. Play in the auger rotation - This is seen when the PTO is well engaged before the augers turn.  This means the bearings are shot,  a sign of a lot of use and long term poor  maintenence where the bearings weren't greased to protect them from wear.  Bearings are about $50 each and tame some time to install, but if you can get the tractor snowblower at the right price it may still be worthwhile.
  4. Leaking gear oil - Another sign a snowblower attachment has been abused.  You will have to keep putting oil in the fast moving system and you have more environmental oil leakage and the potential to be running the  tractor snow blower with no oil.
  5. Condition of hydraulic hoses if it has a hydraulic chute - are they perished, are the fittings present, are they metric or imperial?  They need to match your tractor but you should be able to get new hoses made up at a reasonable price locally.


  6. Missing parts and pins - Pins are not expensive, just make sure you get the right size.  It can be a sign of carelessness with the snowblower but more an inconvenience than anything. You may not want to buy a  snowblower tractor attachment with missing grease nipples, chain, pto shaft, chute or other parts.  Depends how handy you are, the reason they are missing and the price.  

  7. Rust right through the tractor snow blower frame - For obvious reasons this is not good.  You can sand blast and repaint surface rust which they nearly all will have.  Try to look past the surface rust.  Sometimes a newly repainted snowblower tractor attachment can be more suspicious than a good honest surface-rusted one.

Now you are Ready to Buy your Snowblower Tractor Attachment

These tips are intended to help when shopping for your snow blower tractor attachment.  Using the money saving preparation tips, you can educate yourself on the model of tractor snow blower you are going to look at before you spend the time and money going to look at it.

The checklist for viewing should help you decide if it has any major mechanical problems or outstanding repairs.  By doing that, you should be ready to buy your snowblower tractor attachment with a great idea of its condition and whether the cost is reasonable for you.