If you're looking to get an asbestos respirator, there are a couple different ones to choose from. What are the differences in them and which asbestos respirator is best for you and your needs? Whether you need one for vacuuming out an abatement filled area, or perhaps sanding, removing, or disposing of any of it, there is a mask for the job. Let's go over the different kinds and figure out which asbestos respirator would be best for you.

Half Mask Asbestos Respirator

The half mask is a great choice for a light job with not so much abatement in the air. This asbestos respirator, when properly fitted, will withstand concentrations of abatement up to 10 times the Permissable Exposure Limit. These would be best for those doing a small job, for example removing a small amount, or vacuuming out a little bit from an area. It could even be used for when you go to dispose of it as long is the abatement concentration is relatively low.

3M makes an asbestos respirator like this called the 7500 Series which is one of the better choices of brands if you're looking to buy one, and will run you about $25. It comes with the new 3M 7093 P100 filter which provides up to 25% improvement in breathing resistance. The solid-top air-inlet design is very unique in that it does not require tape during showering or decontamination, which is pretty convenient. In order to keep debris out of the airflow channel, it has a solid-top design that helps control this and reduce the possibility of premature clogging.

The 3M 7500 Series is also considered one of the most comfortable asbestos respirator on the market. It has cool flow exhalation valve design which allow for better breathing. It also aids in reducing heat and moisture buildup in the face piece, along with adding a bit of extra cool and dry comfort. This asbestos respirator also features a soft seal design with a unique adjustment system that helps reduce pressure points and tension on the face.

Full Face Asbestos Respirator

The full face mask is what you're going to want to wear in those heavy duty jobs where the abatement levels are highly dangerous. The full face asbestos respirator will provide for abatement concentrations up to 50 times the Permissible Exposure Limit. You should use these around high levels of abatement, but you can also use them when levels are low just to be safe and be sure you're not getting any exposure at all.

3M also has a really good asbestos respirator that fits these needs. It's called the 3M 6000 Series and it costs about $100 normally. It helps protect against eye-irritating mold, and also provides a wide range of sight and vision. Just like the half mask model, the special design does not require tape during showering or decontamination. The 6000 Series also has the solid-top design that helps keep it clean and prevent premature clogging.

All of these masks are from 3M which is the leader in this industry, but that's not to say that other top companies like Survivair, Moldex, and MSA also don't have an asbestos respirator that may be either better for your needs, or cheaper. That is why it's a great idea to surf the web and find out for yourself which brand is best for you.

Where to Buy an Asbestos Respirator

Checking online would probably be your easiest and quickest way of finding an asbestos respirator that's best for you depending on the job at hand. There are plenty of websites to choose from and you might find some really good deals on a few of them and save some money.

Envirosafetyproducts.com has some of the 3M models I was talking about earlier. They have a very high customer feedback rating and guarantee quick shipping. They have masks you can wear for your duties, and they also have some vacuums on sale to go along with your asbestos respirator if you need one of those as well. They have a great selection of all sorts of safety masks and other equipment and even have a live chat feature if you have any questions about what you need.

Amazon.com is another great place to look for an asbestos respirator. They always have great prices and selections on all their products. They have quite a few different masks to choose from and you can even find individual parts to them like cartridges.

You could also try checking out eBay. They have a few of them available for some pretty low prices. PKSafetySupply also has an asbestos respirator or two on sale right now. You can try checking these websites out or you can look on plenty of other similar sites that are floating around out there. If you want to shop around town I would try looking at Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, and maybe even Wal-Mart.