We all love wedding cakes don't we? They are one of the things that require the most preparation and time when planning a wedding. They can take up to several weeks to make and can be very expensive. But don't worry, there is a wedding cake for a every couple no matter what your budget is. You may have to look if you want something in particular, but there are resources everywhere.

A lot of couples have trouble when it comes to finding their dream wedding cake. So don't worry, you're not alone. Some people like to design their wedding cakes according to the season. For example, During Spring your cake may consist of bright colors such as white, light green and maybe even pink, as for fall maybe some warmer colors.

The cakes can come in all different types of flavors, sometimes with a cream filling, and almost always coated with lots of icing and decorations. due to all the work and details put into it they can be very expensive. one of the most expensive costing up to 500 dollars, or 7 bucks a slice.
If money is an issue when preparing for your wedding cake, don't worry. There are lots of ways to go around it.

You could have a small wedding cake that is decorated, then have sheet cakes of some of the same flavors and finish, to be cut and served discretely from the kitchen. Serving slices instead of square chunks of cake will make this budget saving trick less obvious. Or you could look around your local area and sometimes the have people who will do it for a good price.

Even though make may not always be so good for you, eating, creating or designing a wedding cake can be very exciting. You can always find things to add to your cake to make it healthy. But then again most people don't want a "healthy" wedding cake, after all, it's not something that you will be eating everyday. Some couples start planning their cake as long a 3 months before their wedding date to insure that they get exactly what they want.

One popular cake flavor is butter cream. Not everyone will like it, but most of the time it's a big hit. Going to taste your wedding cake ahead of time is important so that you can see if there is anything wrong with it, or something that you would like to change. It's better to do that before too late so that you give the baker plenty of time to make the correct changes. You both won't be happy if you have to make changes at the end that could have been made earlier.

Decorations are something that need to be talked about before and during the cake preparation to give the baker some what of an idea of what he/she needs to do. There are places to go where you can get lots of custom things done to your cake. If you have a large budget you can get pictures of you and your partner, just for something different and unique. Most couples want something that no other couples have had before, but not an over the top wedding cake.