One of the reasons why running is so popular is the fact that it doesn't require lots of equipments to get started. However, having running gears can make things easier for you. Among all the running gears, there are some that are very important and are a must-have if you want to enjoy running.

The first is shorts. You will want to purchase one of the best running shorts for yourself. Compression tights stand out among the rest. These are shorts that tightly fit your body tightly and hold your muscles securely. There's also split shorts for running. They provide runners with easy stride and they allow free movement of the legs. These are usually short in lenght. The two types of running shorts mentioned above are the best for running.

The next gear you should purchase is running shirts. The best types of running shirts are the types that can soak up the sweat that comes out of your body. Forget about cotton shirts. Shirts made with polyester are the types of shirts you should purchase for running. Another good thing about these shirts is that they keep the temperature of your body low. The thick ones should be used in cold weather and the thin ones in warm weather.

Running socks must protect your feet from blisters - those bubbles with a liquid inside. Look for socks that are guaranteed to keep your feet in good condition and to keep your feet dry, no matter how long you run.

You may want to purchase a running watch that will help you record distance and time. There are some pretty expensive running watches that have GPS capabilities built in and a pulse rate monitor. You may not need all those extra features if you are not prepared to spend more. Any running watch will do.

Other important running gears are belts, for carrying small but important items like your keys and shoes, which are as important as socks and shorts.

Lastly, running shoes are a must to enjoy a good and healthy training sessions. Depending on the type of feet you have, you might need to buy stability running shoes, which are ideal for overpronate feet.