It can sometimes be important to clear a wooded area of your property if you need to do some type of building or landscaping work. If you have an area that is covered with brush or trees that you want to use to plant a vegetable garden or landscape into a beautiful lawn, you're going to have to clear it. In most cases, clearing any type of wooded area will require a lot of hard labor and effort, however, there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

Heavy machinery will help you to haul away the dead wood and chop down the trees that are in your way. You can use anything from a bobcat to a bulldozer to help you get it done. Depending upon the size of the space that you want to clear and the size of the trees or brush you need removed, there are a couple of different options to consider.

If you have smaller trees and only need to clear a small area, a bobcat is probably your best tool of choice. You can rent out a bobcat by the hour or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon how long you'll need to use it. In order to ensure that the machine you rent will be able to get the job done effectively, you need to find out what machine will work best in your situation. You can talk with the rental company, tell them what you need to have cleared and ask for advice on what type of tool you will need. The rental company will give you options to consider that will do the best job based on your specific needs.

For larger trees or larger property areas, you might want to consider renting a bulldozer. In addition to being a powerful tool for clearing your property, a bulldozer can also be used to help level the land once you've cleared it. If you are going to be building on this land or have a specific landscaping need, this can be a great bonus feature.

You will also need to find a way to get rid of all those trees once you knock them down. A wood chipper is a great choice that will help you to chop up the wood for other uses or easy disposal. You can use a wood chipper or a wood shredder to turn that old wood into useful mulch. You can save a lot of money on your landscaping budget if you use that mulch for decorative purposes, or as a way to add extra nutrients to your garden or other planting areas.

You can usually rent out wood chippers and shredders from a local landscaping company so you can do the work on your own. The more work you can do yourself, the more money you'll save on your overall project. If budget is not an issue or if you don't feel comfortable using this type of equipment, there are companies that will come out and mulch the wood for you. You could even buy your own wood chipper at most local home improvement centers if you think you would have a need to use it for other projects in the future.

It is important to understand that there are different methods used to clear a wooded area depending upon what you are going to be using the land for. Unfortunately, if you don't know what you are doing or if you do it wrong, you could cause damage to your property that will delay your project or increase your costs. If you aren't sure how to clear your property effectively, it may be worth it to speak with a local landscaping service and get an estimate or a proposal on how it should be done.