If you are getting ready to enter college but are nervous because you still wet the bed then here are 5 tips to help you cope as a bed wetter in college.

Don't Live In the Dorms

Dorms can be cramped and as a freshman you will more than likely have a roommate. If you wet the bed then your room mate will find out. The stench of urine will definitely irritate your roommate and more than likely word will get out that you are a bed wetter. Try picking up on girls when they know that you wet the bed.

If you rent an off campus apartment you will be much better off as a bed wetter. You will either have your own room with privacy or even better a small apartment that you have all to yourself. You can wash sheets in middle of the night or walk around during the big game with adult under-garments on without worrying about other people seeing you as long as you keep your curtains shut.

Empty Beer Cans

Wetting the bed while you are in college is something you will be ridiculed for, unless you happen to be drunk. If you have to have a roommate then keep some empty beer cans and one full beer can hidden under your bed. If you wake up and have wet the bed then you can open the full can of beer on yourself and then strew some of the empties around the dorm room.

Your roommate will then think that you wet the bed because you drank too much. He and the other guys will definitely laugh at you but only because they think you drank too much. If they knew that you wet yourself and you were not extremely drunk then they would ridicule you.

If you get caught with the beer cans you will probably be kicked out of the dorms but it is better than having your friends find out you area college aged bed wetter.

Childhood Friend

If you are going to be attending college and one of your best buddies is going to the same college then you can confide in him your problem. You can then ask him to e your roommate in the dorms. He will, if he is a true friend, help you to keep your problem as a bed wetter secret.

The problem with this is you will need to kiss his butt. He will be able to blackmail you at anytime. More than likely what would happen is he will get drunk at a party and it will slip out that you still wet the bed.

It is much better to have your own private apartment off-campus unless you have an extremely deep and loyal bond with your childhood buddy.

Bed Wetting In College

Wetting the bed while you are in college can be very dangerous to your future. Many college aged bed wetter's have dropped out of college or never attended in the first place out of fear of being discovered as a bed wetter.

The best advice you can get as a college aged bed wetter is to find a private apartment off campus that you do not have to share with anyone and make sure that you have a washer and dryer in the unit. If you do not have washer and dryer in the unit then your neighbors make get suspicious when you are washing and drying your bed sheets and linen every day.