It is imperative that we have some rules we follow when dating so that we can protect ourselves. Dating can be a healthy and natural part of our life but it can also lead to date rape, unwanted pregnancy, sexual diseases, moral turpitude, emotional stress, and even death.

Group Dates

Going on group dates is often a safer way to date. If a guy is ready to act on his sexual urges by forcing you or conning you into having sex he is much more apt to mind his business and keep his pants zipped up if it is a group date situation. There is a good chance he may not even agree to go on a group date because he has ulterior motives on getting you into bed whether you are coherent or not.

You do need to watch out for the tactic where the man will attempt to separate his date from the pack and get her alone. A lot of time this tactic is used innocently because the guy truly want some 1 on 1 time with his date but it can also be used by a guy who is looking to get his date into bed for the first time.

Date Rape

Although guys may not always have sex on the mind, it is imperative that you assume a guy does. If you are on a date you do not want to be overly defensive, but you need to look at the situation as the guy may be trying to get you into bed or other sexual relations.

Date rape is very common in our society. Date rape can be done by guys simply tricking or conning there date into some bedroom action or it can be taken to  a new level by them resorting to drugs or alcohol to soften and weaken the woman’s inhibitions until she gives into sex. Sometimes the woman may even be passed out from the alcohol and drugs and still the guy will have sex with her. This is an extreme example however you need to know that date rape can happen to anybody of any age.


Sometimes you will have no intentions of having sex but then decide the time is right for you. If you truly want to have sex and were not simply tricked or pressured into it then you will need to be prepared with some condoms. As a woman you should never rely on the man to always carry and use sexual protection such as condoms. Condoms can help prevent you from getting pregnant and condom use can also help prevent you from getting a myriad of various sexual diseases such as herpes, AIDS, and other nasty things. You do not want to threaten your future by getting a disease such as the HIV virus because it will destroy any future you thought you might have.

Referrals from Friends

Many women have better luck by meeting men to date through their friends as opposed to meeting strangers off of the internet. You can let your friends know that you would be possible interested in going on a date if they know a good guy who might be a good match for you.

Public Places

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You will be in a much safer environment if you go to a public place for your date such as a mall and a restaurant. If you decide to go for a drive into the mountains who knows what could happen. If you ever need hello you need to make sure that you will be in a public place where you can get help. A guy is much less likely to try and rape you or even worse if there are witnesses around.

Have Money with You


Sure the guy is going to pay for everything but you need to still carry your own money with you. If you need to suddenly ditch the guy because of his awkward sexual advances then you will need money so that you can hitch a ride home with the taxi or public bus system. It is a safety net to have your own money with you and you need to endure that you always have money with you on dates, even if you do not spend any of it.

Let People Know

Let friends and family know what you are doing and where you are doing it at. If you are going  on a date and then let trusted people know that you are going on a date, with whom you are going on a date, where you are going, and that you will call them when you get back from the date. It is imperative that people know this so that if you come up murdered that there will be a chance to find and arrest the suspect. It may seem overly dramatic but young women are raped, butchered, and dismembered seemingly every day and you definitely do not want to end up in the annals of a true crime book. It can also be a great idea to check in with your friend on a regular basis to let them know that you are ok. You can text your friend but it is often better to call because your date could render you unconscious and then text on your behalf that everything is going OK.


Many women will drink when they go on dates but you should definitely drink in moderation and ensure that no one adds anything to your drinks. A date rape drug can easily be added to mixed-drinks and then once you pass out any and all guys could have their way with you sexually and you would not know until you awoke the next morning and realize you were sexually assaulted after you fell asleep.

Dating is part of the living process but if we do not take certain safety precautions then you literally could be putting your life at risk. No date is worth dying for.