It makes no difference whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large house, most every home has an area that appears to be perpetually ransacked with clutter. It isn't appealing to the eye, and no matter what someone thinks, it is not easier to find things in a mess rather than in an organized manner. It is not always easy to find ways to effectively organize with limited space or funds, but there are general tips for anyone's cluttered mess!

Most people eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or use spaghetti sauce on pastas- jelly and sauce jars make great cheap holders for pens and pencils, odd-n-end things, cooking utensils, or even craft and beauty supplies- and you don't have to buy anthing special outside of your normal grocery list. Simply peel any labels off, wash the jars, and use them as needed! I went a step further and painted the lids and tied matching ribbons around the jars. You could even use these jars as candle holders!

One small investment that has made a huge difference in my clutter factor: purchasing a good-sized file folder organizer and expandable file folders in color. I keep all of my important documents from school forms, paystubs, insurance papers, and tax information all in my file box. I have never lost an important paper since, and it is a lot easy to find and refer to important documents quickly and effciently if needed. I don't leave this organizer out in the open though, it stays hidden in my house so I don't chance a guest getting into it.

Another small investment that packs a lot of punch: bed risers. these little contraptions are meant to be placed under the corners of a bed frame to raise it off of the ground. If you have a small bedroom or a studio apartment, this purchase can give you a lot of extra space under your bed to hide things you don't use that often like holiday decor, seasonal cothing, or things you are saving. Simply use a bed skirt or longer bed cover to hide the items under your bed. Purchasing some cloth and using that as a bed skirt is also possible.

The real key to decluttering small spaces is items that perform double duty. While some require some monetary investment, they can prove to be quite affordable in terms of the amount of storage available. Some ideas: lamp with shelves (I have this, and it is a life saver!), an ottoman that includes a storage compartment- this is great for hiding blankets or magazines in your living room area, or-if you have to purchase a bed anyways- a futon or couch that turns into a bed.

Some cheaper double-duty items include: stackable crates (I use these in my closet to seperate my underthings, socks, and other miscellaneous items. Screw in hooks for under cabinets- these are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom; simply attach these hooks below cabinets and hang items that you regularly use that take up counter space! Get a cheap, but large basket to hold your bathroom towels- I roll my towels and wash rags up and place them verticaly in the basket that is on the back of my toilet.

Organizing clutter in homes can seem overwhelming or not possible, but with a little creativity and time to make the changes, it is possible to declutter any area of any room in any size home. They key is to invest in furnishings that have double duties, use things that you already have more efficiently, and incorporating little items that can be added to your current home to increase storage space and get things off of the cluttered surfaces in your home.

Lastly, using these tips is only beneficial if you are also focusing on only the things that you absolutely need to have around- or really want to save. Clean out trash, out-dated, and useless items through donations, recycling, or throwing away.